Useful Travel Photography Tips for Improving Your Photos


Travel Photography tips


Traveling is all about gathering new experiences and escaping the everyday rut, and it’s simply not complete without photography. All those special moments and interesting new people you meet are something that deserves to be captured, but figuring out how to make those pictures look good can be a little tricky.

When we travel, we want that feeling and all the sensations of the placed forever carved into our minds. Not everybody can brag of having a photographic memory, but nowadays anybody owns a camera or a smartphone with an excellent camera as well. That sensational feeling, mesmerizing sights, and one-of-a-kind moments can only be captured and achieved with pictures. If you love to travel, and absolutely adore taking fantastic photos of the places you have visited, or of the places you are yet to see, you need to do it like a pro. In order to satisfy your wanderlust, you had better create a unique shot of the places, food, and people, and here is how to do it.

However, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to make stunning mementos of your vacation. As long as you learn a few tricks you can upgrade your skills and start snapping perfect pics, and we’re here to show you how. For some useful advice, just keep reading.

Scout locations beforehand

You should actually do this before you even start your trip. By reading guidebooks, browsing forums, and looking at images online you can learn a lot about the destination you’re visiting and you can figure out what are the most beautiful spots that need to be visited.

You can also get in touch with other photography enthusiasts who will be able to reveal secret locations and give you tips. This way, you’ll know where to go to get all the best photos.

Travel Photography tips

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Captivate your senses


Photo captured by amazing Melissa Teo

As you will be exploring the world, and of course boosting your photography skills, you will also have a chance to taste (and snap) a variety of delicious delights. Food around the world has its own share of different tastes, and above all, colors. Think red peppers from Mexico, flamboyant and spicy sushi from Japan, or an abundant of multicolored spices from the Middle East. Always strive to take a shot from the above, or from a central position. In that way, you will be able to capture the entire plate with all its side dishes and other yummy delights. A high angle can make the subject look smaller than it actually is, but try to zoom a little bit the subject for a clear close-up and you will get a perfect shot. Here you have captured an authentic Malaysian meal from an up-close angle, captivating the dinnerware and colorful food.


Enthralling landscape


Photo by Victor Lima


Very often the sheer emptiness and alluring landscape can move our hearts and utterly revamp the travel photo. All travel photographers need to pay attention to light and try to take one or more foreground objects that will give the impression of three-dimensional landscape photography. Just take a look at this magnificent three-dimensional landscape picture of the Atacama Desert in Chile. The shadowed mountains are in the center of the picture that draws the viewer’s eye, while the timid pink color of the sky and pale microorganisms of the Lagoon blend into a perfect picture. Editing landscape photography is an important action to take when you want to beautify the entire image. Don’t let the weather stop you, avoid any unnatural elements and only use the flash in foggy scenes and ISO sensitivity setting for dim light.



The monumental statues and stones


Photo by Jim Richardson


Nothing can be so beguiling and enticing like being able to take a picture of a timeless monument. Stonehenge in England has stood the test of time for centuries and has still remained a monument worthy of all appreciation. You might want to take a picture of this iconic site either at sunrise or sunset when the light is so bewitching. Since there are many photos of this site scattering the web, in order to satisfy your wanderlust, you had better go at sundown, when the light is truly perfect. Place your camera on a tripod to ensure sharpness and, if necessary, reposition yourself and camera all around the Stonehenge to get the outstanding shoot. Do the same procedure at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The most beguiling and genuine photos of this gravestone can be taken when you take a shot from a distance in order to get stacked shapes, or from a side angle or close up for more intimate flare.


Photo by Jim Richardson



Seizing the moments



Photograph by Jamie Mackie


Once you start exploring the world, you need to satisfy your travel wanderlust will become even more enhancing. You will even end up taking photos of unexpected objects, moments, habits, and people. Having that unique opportunity to seize the moment is a truly masterful skill. For instance, if you happen to travel across India, Tibet, or any other Asian country, you might want to take a shoot of their uncommon and unusual tradition. This photo depicts an old man enjoying his break by making the traditional tea. When taking shots like this, natural light is the key. Take a moment to look around and position yourself at best angle possible. For this picture, timid light requires setting your camera in a higher resolution. Switch your camera to the Manual Exposure, and adjust the white balance and ISO setting to maximize control.



Photograph your journey


Photograph by Charlene Sammut

Sometimes you don’t need expensive gear to take exceptional photos. In order to remember your travels, you should take the moment to shoot all the peculiar items along the journey. Get creative, get it wrong, have fun, take thousands of photos of each sight so that you could get one absolutely perfect. This fiery pinwheel at the festival in Malta is so simple, yet so enticing that everyone will awe in astonishment. Your telephone would be able to take this stunning picture, only make sure that you don’t shake your hands too much.

From dusk till dawn

When you take a photograph is just as important as where you take it. Getting up early to watch the sunrise or staying late to observe the sunset will give you more opportunities for some stunning pictures because these times of day tend to give everything a very soft, lovely glow. A building that looked quite plain during the day might take on a whole you makeover when the sunset bathes it in soft warm tones, so time your trips to capture these moments.

Bring the right equipment

Good equipment is really important, but you don’t actually have to carry a bulky DSLR camera at all. In fact, your smartphone is more than enough—it’s light, easy to carry, and it’s generally already with you at all times. Unless you’re a professional, your iPhone can be a perfectly wonderful tool, especially because modern-day phones are so well-made. Besides, this enables you to instantly use iCloud photo sharing to show the photos to your family and friends whenever you like. If you like, you can also pack a mini tripod and an attachable lens that will allow you to zoom things in more easily. Carry your phone in a protective case and keep it close, and you won’t have any trouble.

travel photography tips



Prioritize photography

If you want good photographs, then you have to keep it in mind at all times. Opportunities to snap great images are all around us, so we need to be prepared once they come our way. If you’re a blogger or have a similar travel-related job, then remember that this can actually help you with your career. Making memories and creating recognizable photos will enrich your life, so make sure to keep your phone or your camera with you at all times, and be ready to take pictures.

Utilize the rule of thirds

This is an easy rule that every professional photographer uses in their work. Basically, when taking a picture, imagine dividing the image into thirds horizontally and vertically to create nine different sections. An off-center composition will look more pleasing to the eye, so use this to ensure all your photographs end up looking natural instead of staged.

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Throw in a human element

When we look at a photo, we like seeing other humans in it because that makes the image more relatable. If you’re visiting another country, remember that most pics will look more interesting if other people are on them, so ask the locals for permission to photograph them. It’s also interesting to see other cultures and habits that human beings have, so try to capture this in your images.


As you can see, taking good photographs can be much easier than you thought. With these handy little tips you’re bound to capture some stunning scenery, so don’t be afraid to unleash your inner artist and enjoy your trip!



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