Hey There,
What is museuly?

Simply, it’s a smarter way to enjoy museums and hundreds of attractions.

You just book all museums and attractions in one place. Easy.

Museums and attractions seem to be left behind of technological revolution. In any big European museum you can notice huge crowds – but sometimes not because of popularity, but just because of queues for tickets. Why just not buy these tickets online? 🙂 In one place, without necessity to browse hundreds of different sites.

There is also bigger idea. Let me explain.
So, what are the parts of typical travel? Flight, Hotel & numerous “to-do’s” in between.
To do’s is the least organized part. Where to go? How to buy tickets? What is the plan? Answers to all these questions require your time and money. With museuly you save both.

The idea is: to simplify, organize and save money on your travel TODO’s.

Ultimately, museuly is developing into subscription service for attractions around the world. Just like Spotify or Netflix for your travel to-do-s. You pay monthly fee and get access to all places you want to visit. No queues, no worries. And no hours of internet browsing 🙂 You save time and money, of course.

museuly is just getting started. Want to say Hello? Write to hello@museuly.com 🙂
Support: paypal.me/museuly

We have offices both in Copenhagen and Ukraine (Ternopil, Krushelnutskoi, 1, 46003).