4 career options for every travel junkie.


Do you want to travel but not pay a single buck for it? Are you weary of the corporate hours but can’t leave it because money is important for your survival? Have you given up on travelling, because there’s no hard cash left to fund your expenses through it?

What if I told you, there are plenty of options to actually get paid while travelling? Does ‘travel’ as a job, excite you indeed? If not, the paid travel bug is not for the occasional travelers like you. Instead, it is only for individuals with a passion for travel. And guess what? If you have an inspiring wanderlust spirit, you can actually be living a life free of travel costs too.

Is the travel junkie in you already on a roll after reading this? Well, then treat it with these 4 career options for a further ado:


  1.    Travel agent – If travel feeds your soul, guide people through it:

Have you travelled enough to call the world your home? If yes, then why not dive in the travel industry itself? So many people are going on trips these days. So many of them are also first-timers. While a machine app or the Google Assistant can guide these travelers, a human figure makes it more real and happening. So if you are through with a location, you must definitely be sharing its beauty with others too. To ensure that, the key is to become a tourist guide and start earning right away! The travel industry welcomes every traveler who has the passion for it. When it comes to exploring destinations for startups and hotels or leading a camp or trek for small companies, you can earn while you’re at it. Although if you’re an introvert or a relatively reserved person, this profession is a strict no for you. Having said that, travel is not just fun and adventure, if that’s what you’ve been thinking. There are a certain responsibility and knowledge attached to it. As a guide, you will have to be adaptable and be aware of the pros and cons to help guide people better. Not only that, you actually have to be a people’s person in the worst of your moods too!




  1.     Travel Photography – Capture the world on your lens:

Do you remember that Instagram profile with an array of mesmerizing pictures of explorations? Well, these stunning pictures are nothing but captured through the lens of a photographer who also travels! Similarly, a filmmaker also enjoys the same leisure of presenting stories through explorations. If your pictures can tell a thousand words, travel and show it to the world. Different kinds of photography require different kinds of travel. And if you get selected as a travel photographer for any big company or magazine, there is no looking back. While videography or photography is a handsomely paid job profile here, your travel is also free of cost with such companies! Not only that, if filmmaking is a career option that seems to complement your talent, that’s another travel-based job profile you can opt for. There’s demand for an excellent service, and hence a lot of money to whoever caters it. So the next time you plan of adding ‘an explorer’ in your CV, make sure you are already out clicking pictures or filming for it!




  1.     Travel blogger – Write your heart out:

Well, as a writer with a blessed talent, you have many options to start working for. The most common of which is to work freelance. Almost every company is on the lookout for writers to write content for them. Writing is a work-from-home based job profile. And with a strong internet connection, you can be writing from anywhere and everywhere indeed. By doing this, you get both the money and the time to travel. In fact, with so many travel magazines and companies paying a great amount of money to their writers, travel journalism is already a hit. Not only that, but you can also be writing travel books for the same and earning a royalty from it. Needless to mention, it is yet another free of cost travel plan that pays you too! But if you are more of a ‘self-writer’ who would rather be writing for himself/herself, you can opt for travel blogging. But since travel blogging completely depends on sponsorship, only a highly confident person can pull this off in reality!




  1.     Food blogger – Eat and get paid for it:

Are you a food-a-holic? Does all your social media feed contain only of food images? Can you taste every food that comes your way? Well then, you can actually be paid for eating! Being a #foodie in a generation that absolutely adores experimentation, is the right time to be fond of eating, literally! There are so many television shows and YouTube channels that focus on foodies who are willing to eat anything and everything. What is even more exciting than this? You are not only travelling places, trying their street food and crawling pubs but also, enjoying it all for free! When both travel and food is free, can you ever dream of a better job than this? Well, I can’t! And in case, you do not get a job in one of these companies, start food blogging and you’ll eventually get sponsors for it. Do not lose your heart while tasting the world around for there’s no reason you should.




The travel industry is far from the monotonous. It is instead an enthralling and a self-development profile. Hence, it is important to note that, it is not for the ones looking out for a stable source of income. But if you’re sure about your decision, take some time out and research on it. Before you begin, find out the exact option that feeds your soul and travel goals!  


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