Best bbq in Brooklyn

Most of you might think that grilling and preparing barbecue is the simplest way of cooking since it’s also one of the oldest forms of food preparation since fire was discovered by man. However, not all grilled meats are created equal, and here are some tips on how you’ll create the best barbecue recipe in Brooklyn similar to those served in famous restaurants like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que:


  1.    Get the best meat


If you want to make sure that you’ll get the right tenderness of the grilled meat, you have to choose a high-quality cut of meat for your barbecue. You can choose from steaks, ribeye, and sirloin since they are tender when cooked, and have less amount of fat and are not too boney. However, you can also use ribs if you’re fond of baby back ribs since the texture of the meat near the bones are soft and fibrous.


You also have to make sure that you choose fresh meat over frozen ones. Visit your local butcher and ask him to prepare fresh cuts for you. Fresh cuts tend to be more tender and juicy, and absorb the marinade better compared to frozen types.


  1.    Prepare the marinade


If you want your barbecue recipe to stand out, it’s not enough to rely on the quality and freshness of the meat. You also want to work on a tasty marinade that will add extra flavor to your barbecue. Preparing your marinade will make your recipe unique and can make your barbecue your signature dish.


You can ask for a recommendation or research on barbecue marinade recipe, but you can make it your own by incorporating ingredients that fit your taste preference either sweet or spicy. You can even add additional spices if you want to give your barbecue an extensive taste.


  1.    Extend the marination time


You have to give the meat time to absorb the flavor of the marinade. The longer you marinate the meat, the more robust its flavor will be. You can also tenderize your meat before putting it in the marinade so that it will quickly absorb the marinade’s flavors.

Typically, you would put the marinated meat in the fridge overnight before grilling. A common mistake is not allowing the marinated meat to go down at room temperature. Make sure you give the meat enough time to rest at room temperature before grilling it so you’ll avoid unevenly cooked barbecue that is already burnt outside but still raw inside.

  1.    Cook it over charcoal


Nothing beats the old-school way of grilling meats, especially if you’re into outdoor activities like camping or even glamping. The best way to cook your barbecue is by using charcoal and not the conventional gas range or flat grill. Cooking it over charcoal will give it an added smokey flavor that good barbecue recipes typically have.


You can also use a traditional gas range, griddle or flame grill to cook your meat, but don’t expect it to have that distinct smokey flavor. Moreover, you might not get that crisp texture on the outside.


The type of wood where the charcoal was made of also adds flavor and essence to your barbecue. Oak and applewood tend to add a slightly sweet taste to the meat. Make sure to put some water on the charcoal to create a bit of steam that will deliver the flavor of the wood to the meat.


  1.    Check the temperature


If you want your barbecue to be cooked to perfection, you also need to factor in the temperature you’ll cook it in. It’s either a success or a disaster. You might want to invest in a meat thermometer so you’ll know if the temperature is too high, which might overcook your barbecue. Depending on the meat you’re using for your barbecue, you have to know the optimum temperature, so you’ll achieve a grilled texture that is tender, but the juiciness of the meat is still there.


  1.    Rest the meat

After grilling, it’s necessary to let the meat rest before you cut and serve it. This will allow the meat to absorb the flavor better and make it juicier. Place it on a tray and directly away from heat. Thinner cuts of meat don’t require much resting time compared to thick meats.


Final Thoughts


Cooking the best barbecue doesn’t only involve a good recipe on the marinade, but should also include high quality and a fresh cut of meat. Not only that, but also the cooking conditions such as the type of wood to be used as charcoal and the temperature should be factored in as well. The preparation, marinating, and resting time should also be considered in order for you to come up with the best barbecue.


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