Moving days are so stressful. Why wouldn’t they be? Think about it logistically, you’re moving your entire world to another part of the globe. It could just be one town over, but you’re moving literally tons and tons of your stuff many miles away.

That’s by no means an easy thing to achieve without hiccups. But you can do some things to lighten the mood and make the whole day go by without a care in the world. Carefree and enthusiastic, you can pack, load and deliver all your things to your new home, with a smile on your face. If of course you do these things.


Make it casual

Moving day should not be about large parts of quietness broken up by loud noises such as wrapping tape and clanking plates. Put some music on! Make things casual. When you’re preparing things for your move, it shouldn’t remind you of how serious the occasion is. By putting some music on, it begins to feel just like any other household chore. You might even become more organized and focussed. Any kind of rhythmic background noise can help assemble your thoughts into a coherent train of things-to-do. It helps you make a list in your mind and think more cognitively. If music isn’t your thing, then turn on the radio. Just don’t fill the air with silence!



Snacks for all

Most of the time, when you’re about to move there will always be some food left that you can’t take with you. Dried up food can handle being transported by food like cheese, bread, milk, and meat won’t survive the journey. Thus, you should think about making snacks with the food you have lying around. You don’t need to have to stop what you’re doing to eat and refuel either. Just make a few plates of snacks and leave them lying around the house while you all pack. If and when someone feels peckish, they can take something off the plate. Again, just keep things casual and stress-free. Make a milkshake to go with whatever you’re having. 




On-time and smooth sailing

When it’s time to load up and go, you need to find a moving company that has expert services on loading large and heavy things. Some moving companies will do the heavy lifting, but they might not have the skills to take care of your items too. Thus, the company you should look for will be able to take on each job specifically. They can make special custom crates for some of your most precious things like family photos, artwork, and televisions. They will also do all the loading by themselves. You won’t need to pitch in. in fact, you can have one last picnic out in the yard or go say goodbye to your neighbors while they load up the truck.

Moving day is hardly a party, but you should keep it casual with some background music playing all day. Empty the fridge and make snacks for everyone so they can keep energized while they pack everything up. 


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