In this blog, let’s talk about top habits, which can help you to organize your life, become more productive and successful.

There are many benefits to being organized.

Improved mood, increased productivity, better sleep patterns, reduced stress, and a healthier diet are some of the benefits of being organized.

The truth is, that nobody is born organized and well-structured, not even the most organized individuals that you know about.

Being well-performing is something that can be learned by anybody, even the most disorganized person.

There are many benefits to being organized.

Getting organized and structured should start with simplicity, whereby you come up with simple plans, write things down, get rid of things that wreak havoc on your life and focus on things that really matter. However, this will take some consistent effort on your part.

Try these simple habits to better organize your life.

1. Declutter Your Routine

Every day we have stuff piling up whether at home or at work.

Clean trash from your every day – stop some weird habits, stop smoking or partying all night – I mean everyone has its own identification of “trash”.

For someone, to quit smoking could be a major achievement, other people constantly take cappuccino every hour or so, etc.

These are little distractors, which keep you away from being focused.

Obviously, decluttering literally means cleaning your place and working station.

2. Write Things Down

Writing things help you stay organized.

Many people prefer to keep their ideas in mind – it seems easier.

Believe me, if you keep your ideas only in your head – in a few days, it can become a complete mess. You won’t remember anything.

If you have life goals, New Year resolutions, to-do lists – always write it down.

You don’t have to stress over memorizing certain important dates or events, you only need to grab a pen and a paper and write them down.

By doing that you will remember things much more permanently, yet externally.

Highly organized people carry a small notepad, which they use to write down items for their shopping list, important dates such as meetings and birthdays, holiday gifts, errands, to-dos, and even random thoughts.

A small notepad is endlessly portable, and you will not have to stress yourself trying to keep everything in your head.

3. Create a Task List

It’s important not only to write things down but also to create a clear task list.

E.g. for me, even some huge task looks much simpler, if you just divide it into small tasks – a, b, c.

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By crossing off what you have completed, a task list makes you feel productive and helps you keep on top of your daily tasks as well.

Creating your to-do list at the beginning of the day is great.

You can also create it at the end of the day after you’re done crossing off the completed tasks of that day.

There are many apps, such as Wunderlist, which will help you with everyday task lists.

4. Manage Your Time

Organized people know the importance of managing their time.

Time wasted is never recovered.

Time probably is one of the most valuable resources. Time costs much more than money.

In the startup world, there is this famous saying:

“In Europe, 10 million is a lot of money, in Silicon Valley, 3 weeks is a lot of time”.

Managing your time properly ensures that you are productive.

Proper time management prevents you from getting into the trap of just being busy, whereby you tackle things that are urgent but not important.

Also, many people are busy responding to things that are both not urgent and not important, such as watching television for hours on end.

The goal of managing your time is to tackle things that are important and they need to be done in your life.

That’s what makes you closer towards achieving your goals.

Time costs much more than money.

By creating daily task lists, goals and decluttering your life, you will be in a better position to effectively manage your time. Time management helps you do what really matters to you most.

5. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is a modern disease.

Many people suffer from procrastination and this leads to a totally disorganized life, especially when it becomes a habit.

The more you keep procrastinating, the more difficult it will become to get something done and the harder it is to get out of procrastination.

You will lose your consistency, whether at school, work or any aspect of your life. Procrastination has a lot of disadvantages and the major one is that it will leave you feeling stressed.

Don’t wait to get things done, but rather tackle them as soon as possible. This will actually make your life less demanding later. If it can be done right now, then get it done!

If procrastination is constantly following you at work or in school, clarify to yourself – are you doing what you like? If not, what you can do to get out ASAP.

6. Set Clear Goals

To organize your life, you need to set some clear and achievable goals.

Btw, here are some amazing goal quotes.

Goals help you to reorganize your life around them or have an agenda in life that shows you what it is you are really aiming to achieve. In simple terms, goals give direction to your life.

goal quotes

Imagine living a life without direction! Life would seem meaningless. When you set goals, you condition yourself to really understand the things you want and don’t want to do in your life.

Basically, goals help you declutter your mind and organize your life because every day and every moment they give you something to move towards.

Setting goals is not a difficult thing to do, but you need to identify what you want. He-he, this is the hard part. How to identify what you want? Just keep hustling. If you sit on the sofa and keep dreaming – it will be hard to find our your destiny 🙂

How to identify what you want? Just keep hustling.

Goals are progressive and the best thing is that they can be broken down into milestones. These milestones show you what you need to achieve at different time frames, such as weekly, monthly and yearly. Setting concrete goals is so important to organize your life.

7. Organize Your Home and Office

Having a disorganized home or office can be very stressful.

A disorganized office or home brings this environment to your head.

To keep your life organized you should keep all your things in their proper places. Basically, everything should have a home. All your storage space should be labeled.

Things that you use all the time should be stored in easy-to-access spaces, it shouldn’t take you two hours to find your tv remote or power bank, etc.

Same goes with your desk at the office. Every paper, pen or any other item should be placed in an organized manner.

8. Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

In one way or another, we have all kept too much stuff that we don’t need.

If you really want to live an organized life you need to only keep what you need and what you really want. Fewer things are easier to organize and they make you feel better when you are using them, rather than just letting them lay down to collect dust.

Sometimes, though, getting rid of unused things can be super hard. Some voice can tell you: “Yes, you need those 25 books, you’ve never opened once” or “Keep those two old monitors…” or “I need those 3 tees from 10 years ago” etc.

Sometimes, people tend to look for more storage space to keep all the stuff they own. Others think of moving into a larger home. You don’t need more space, instead, you need to get rid of those things and make your life easier and better.

To identify what you really need to keep, create a list of everything that you own and mark what you use or need on the list. Get rid of what you don’t need. Be brutal in these decisions

9. Don’t Do Everything

A life overfilled with responsibilities, constant deadlines to meet and tasks to tackle is not an organized one. It is actually stressful and therefore not productive.

If for example, you are starting a blog or youtube channel – do just one, don’t start five things at a time. You will just distract yourself and do zero in the end.

I firmly believe that you can only do one thing well at a time. Especially with limited resources.

You can only do one thing well at a time. Especially with limited resources.

If you have the possibility to delegate, learn how to do it. Don’t try to become “all-in-one manager”, both in work and life. For you to live an organized life you need to know when and what responsibilities to delegate to others, whether at work or at home. You only need to look at your task list and identify the tasks that you can give to someone else. This allows you to be organized and less stressed.

10. Build and Follow a Healthy Routine

Changing and rebuilding new routines or habits takes time. And health is an important part of it.

Try to include at least one sport activity in your weekly schedule: yoga, gym, swimming, running, etc It can significantly clear out your mind.


To sum it all up

Having an organized life is possible when you use at least some tactics, described in this list.

It is tough though.

But, you only need to get started. Set your goals, have direction in your life and each day you will be moving closer to your aim.


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