Best Day Trips from Sydney – Discover 5 Amazing Places

So, you are taking your next vacation in the Land Down Under? Rest assured, it will be a trip of a lifetime, with food and sights that leave nothing to be desired. Now, Sydney is amazing, but Australia is so big and diverse that it would be a shame to limit your stay to only one city. Luckily, despite the large distances on this continent, there are so many things to see in the vicinity of Sydney that will be perfect for a day trip that you will be spoilt for choice! After all, New South Wales is a playground of its own. So, here are a few of those that certainly deserve your attention.

Royal National Park

1 Royal National Park

The Royal National Park south of Sydney provides a great getaway for families who want to spend a day in nature while enjoying some barbecue, bushwalking, relaxing and perhaps even fishing! There are actually a good number of tracks you can choose from that range from an easy, one-hour walk, such as the Forest Path, through medium grade tracks such as Karloo where you might even take a dip in the refreshing water, all the way to epic 26-km multi-day adventures such as that of the Coast Track that is only recommended for more experienced hikers. Whichever way you choose to go, pack some lunch as picnic areas abound and there is nothing better than having a meal out in the fresh air!

Wedding Cake Rock

Also located in the Royal National Park, in fact, along the aforementioned Coast Track, the rock formation called the “Wedding Cake Rock” is something worth checking out if you are planning a day trip from Sydney. These rocks are white in color and they are actually very fragile – so you must follow safety rules around this area and only admire the wonder from a safe distance. Nevertheless, your camera is going to get filled with lots of pictures of this unique spot. On your way to the Wedding Cake Rock, you can also encounter plenty of birdlife and wildlife, not to mention the ocean views from up the cliffs. Be safe and have fun!

Hunter Valley

Not every day trip is about climbing mountains and getting tired. If you are looking to spend a day relaxing in style, consider taking your significant other to one of the Hunter Valley wine tours. Not only is this region one of the most famous wine regions in the country, with over 150 wineries, but romantic activities also abound with options such as hot air ballooning, playing golf, visiting the Hunter Valley Gardens and even going for relaxing spa treatments. Wining and dining in Hunter Valley is truly unparalleled, so don’t miss out on the delicious sips and bites this region has to offer!

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park is also located just two hours from Sydney, and being an accessible national park so close to the city, it is a very popular day trip destination for many Sydneysiders as well as those from New South Wales. You will find some impressive heights in the Blue Mountains, including the peaks of the Three Sisters, but the underground world also hides some spectacular sights. If you have the time, checking out the Jenolan Caves should be on your itinerary – tours are available every day of the year so don’t miss out on it! Of course, the Blue Mountains have numerous walking tracks as well with varying difficulty levels, so put your hiking shoes on!


In the spring, it is worth considering taking a trip to the idyllic region of Mudgee. While it is located farther from the coast than the previous suggestions, for those looking for a truly magical little town to enjoy amazing wine and local food, it is worth making the trip. You will find a lot of history in this small place, with colonial buildings that have stories to tell and a church that has seen centuries. Besides the wines, the local beers are at your disposal too, and you should take the chance. It is best if you plan your getaway to Mudgee in the spring, as they have a month-long food and wine festival at that time that will delight gourmet travelers, but whenever you come, don’t forget to check out the local farmers’ markets and pick up a few pieces of fresh produce!

Even if you’re enjoying Sydney to the fullest, sometimes we don’t even notice how much we need a break from the city setting to see some greenery and breathe some fresh air. Thankfully, Sydney is surrounded by such beautiful regions basically on all sides, so it’s really up to you whether you want to go hiking in the mountains, relaxing in the forest, strolling the picturesque vineyards or mingling with the friendly small town people at food festivals. There are 365 days in a year so you can really sacrifice one for these!


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