New South Wales: Memorable Road Trip Adventures 

Australia cultivates the culture of surfing and road-tripping. While surfing centrals are limited to the coastline for obvious reasons, the grand Outback offers countless opportunities for picturesque drive-bys. Of all the Australian states, New South Wales is probably the most well-connected and it packs quite a punch when it comes to scenery diversity. If you are in the mood to embark on memorable road trip adventures, here’s what New South Wales can offer to you.

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1. Legendary Pacific Coast (to Byron Bay)

If you’ve researched the most renowned Australian road trips, you’ve almost certainly come across the aptly named Legendary Pacific Coast. This stretch of asphalt twists and turns from Sydney to Brisbane and even though it is quite long (covering about 930 kilometers worth of road), its final destination is situated in Queensland.

However, you can follow the same vibrant coastal highway and end your journey in the quaint town of Byron Bay – one of the go-to getaways of New South Wales which has been lauded for its beautiful surroundings and a range of festivities, including some killer musical festivals. If you time your road trip right, you might just crown this rubber-burning adventure with a weekend worth of stellar gigs in the open. Road trips and music festivals – is there a more appropriate combination?

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2. The Blue Mountains Adventure

The UNESCO-listed topographical wonder known as the Blue Mountains has 800 miles of interconnected roads that can lead you to pretty much all the renowned highlights, waterfalls and lush locales this assembly of natural parks is known for. The Three Sisters, Govetts Leap, The National Pass, Leura Cascades, and Blue Mountains Botanic Garden – all of the destinations await you.

The Blue Mountains covers a vast natural area for sure, but the destination scores additional points for its closeness to another type of jungle entirely – the urban hotspot of Sydney. In case your vehicle is affected by mild creases, tears or dents, you can refer to this car detailing shop in Sydney which provides the highest quality service, getting your car road-trip ready in no time.  

This also means that you can modify the length of your “Blue Mountains road trip” according to your convenience, as you can find accommodation near the city (which is 90 minutes away) or in one of the surrounding suburbs like Katoomba, Springwood or Richmond. Oh, and while we are on the topic of suburbs, don’t forget to visit the utterly charming Leura Mall!

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3. The Grand Pacific Drive

The Grand Pacific Drive might not be the most epically long road trip of your lifetime (or New South Wales, for that matter), but it is surely one worth of the reputation it has garnered around the world. With the total length of 140 kilometers, it begins in the Royal National Park and it ends in the area of Shoalhaven while passing through Wollongong.

The Royal National Park, renowned for its Era Beaches, is situated only 45 minutes south of Sydney’s central business district. It is a perfect destination for rest and recuperation before you commence with your road trip. While it will hardly take you longer than two hours to cover the stretch, it is an eventful and dynamic road trip along the coastline, taking you through rainforests, arresting landscapes by the Tasman Sea, across the legendary Sea Cliff Bridge, and into the emerald green meadows of Shoalhaven. The Grand Pacific Drive proudly displays the vibrant riches of the New South Wales and it is a “road trip ambassador” of the state.

Since New South Wales occupies the south-eastern corner of the Australian continent and it covers a lot of square footage, the state boasts incredibly lush forests and arid landscapes in equal measure. As such, it offers an experience that has a bit of everything Australia is known for. If you have enough time on your hands and you are in the mood for a road trip like no other, the endless horizons of New South Wales will welcome you with an adventure of a lifetime.


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