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Bunratty Castle Tickets – get on museuly!

If you want to go and see the Bunratty Castle then we are here to give you all of the discounted tickets you need. We have years of experience in the industry, it’s safe to say that we can provide you with the best tickets and at the same prices, not to mention that you can skip all of the queues and you can save a ton of time at the entrance as well.

Our Bunratty Castle Discounted Tickets

Bunratty Castle is a big 15th mansion in Country Clare, Ireland. Our Bunratty Castle ticket coupons give you the chance to see all of  the medieval history you want while also being able to access a full four-course banquet as well. There are plenty of trained actors who are able to simulate all of the events that happened and you can easily take in some of the local scenery as well. The whole thing is really magical and you can even sample some spiced parsnip soup with some spare ribs and whiskey sauce.  As if that wasn’t enough, you can walk across the drawbridge and enter the castle, where the piper will lead you into the banquet. With oak tables and candlelight to take you back in time, it’s safe to say that you won’t find an event that is more exciting or thrilling than this.

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Bunratty Castle – This authentic medieval castle can be found within County Clare in Ireland and it is a must-see destination for you and your family.  The castle was constructed in 1425, and while it is a tourist attraction run by the Shannon Heritage, everything has been restored to ensure that you will see the castle as it was when the MacNamara family had it built.

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Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle Banquet

Bunratty Castle means the Castle at the mouth of the Ratty and it can be found in the center of Bunratty Village between Limerick and Ennis.  The castle is the fourth structure on this land and it was constructed for the MacNamara family around 1425.  The castle was then owned by the O’Brien family, who were eventually the Earls of Thomond, and different generations of that family made multiple improvements to the building and the grounds.

The castle was restored completely in 1954 and opened to the public in 1960.  Inside, visitors can see furnishings, tapestries, and works of art from the 15th and 16th centuries.  Guests can explore the castle on their own, but a guided tour is usually the best option, as the tour guides really bring the castle to life.

Visiting the castle during the day is an excellent option, however, many people prefer to be there in the evenings when the Medieval Banquets are held.  These banquets began back in 1963 and everyone can join the Earl of Thomond for an evening of fine cuisine, music, and dancing inside the Great Hall of Bunratty Castle.

Bunratty Folk Park

The Bunratty Folk Park is an open-air museum that can be found surrounding the castle, and there are thirty different buildings that visitors can explore.  The park is set up like a little village and guests can stroll along the street as they wander into the school, doctor’s house, post office, printers, the pub, and even the hardware shop.  Most of the buildings were transported to this park from their original locations.  In fact, one of them was moved stone by stone from where it was before, as it was the only way that the building could be successfully moved and reconstructed without creating damage.

Visitors will step back in time to the early 19th century as they spend time in the village, watching how the locals spent their days back then.  The employees of the village are dressed in costume to recreate the olden days, although most of them are only there during the months of April through September.  Many of the characters can be seen creating pottery, printing, baking, and farming the fields.  There are three characters that are loved the most and they are the Bean a Ti, who is the woman of the house, the Royal Irish Constabulary policeman, and the schoolteacher.

One of the favorite buildings in the village is the Bunratty House, which is a manor house that was constructed in 1804 for the Studdart family.  Inside the MacNamara and Sons Pub, everyone can enjoy a pint or two, while marveling at the fact that the publican also traded groceries and hardware in addition to serving drinks.

Bunratty Walled Garden

This garden was originally planted in 1804 and it is on the east side of the Bunratty House where it is safe from the westerly winds.  There are four stone walls surrounding the garden and they are all original, unlike the rest of the garden features.  These gardens have been restored to how they looked during the Regency period and look out towards the Owengarney River Valley and the River Shannon Estuary.   Visitors will see numerous varieties of Irish flowers, fruits, and vegetables growing within this garden.

Two Irish Wolfhounds, Diarmuid and Grainne, can be seen wandering around Bunratty and they are quite spoiled by the people who visit both the castle and the park.

There are always special events being held at Bunratty Castle and Bunratty Folk Park throughout the year.  A few of the more notable events include the Harvest Festival, the Christmas Banquet, as well as Halloween and Easter festivities.

Everyone will want to purchase their discounted Bunratty Castle tickets on Museuly, so they can start exploring the second they arrive instead of waiting with all the other tourists in the long queue lines.

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Bunratty Castle tickets

So as you can see, the Bunratty Castle is unlike anything that you have ever experienced before and we are more than happy to provide you with all of the tickets you need without any extra charges. In fact, you’ll find that we have access to some of the cheapest tickets around and we are always happy to work with you if you have any questions about your purchase and even when your tickets are going to arrive so you won’t have any problems there.

How to get to Bunratty Castle?

You can get to Bunratty Castle from Dublin – by train or by bus. Bus is a bit cheaper. By using train you can either get direct ticket Dublin-Limerick or take a train Dublin-Limerick Junction with transfer to Limerick.

You can as well get a taxi from Limerick Junction to Bunratty, which will cost around 65 euro or so.

Visit Dublin!

Dublin is one of the most fantastic cities in the world. While going to Bunratty you for sure should check out Dublin. What you can do in Dublin?

Here are just some tips:

  1. Get a Dublin Hop-on Hop-off bus. It’s the fastest way to see the city.
  2. Visit Dubh Linn Gardens, which are known mostly to locals. They are located just behind the Dublin Castle.
  3. Guinness pint – if you are in Dublin, you should of course taste some original Guinness! You can visit Guinness Storehouse and get to Rooftop Bar to get free Guinness beer!
  4. Temple Bar – is the main area for Dublin entertainment and nightlife 🙂 It’s a great destination to meet new people or watch a sports game. You can find yourself watching Gaelic football.
  5. Irish shopping tour – there are plenty of shopping streets with unique Irish products and souvenirs, you can only get there and which will remind you about your time in the city. Market not far from St. Stephen’s Green, Loft market, handicraft market in Howth – are just some of the places you can start with.
  6. Enjoy free walking tours – if you want to get even more out of Dublin, get on one of numerous free walking tours. Local tour guides will show you a lot of hidden Dublin spots. Remember to leave at least small tip for your guide 🙂
  7. Get for a day trip from Dublin. You can see absolutely stunning places in one-day or weekend train trip from Dublin, especially coastal towns. For example, Glendalough and of course, you can take a trip to Bunratty Castle.



Bunratty Castle is located in Ireland – fantastic country both in nature and culture. Ireland is home to Oscar Wilde and Guinness beer. What a combination, right? There are plenty of castles, museums and marvelous coastal cities.

Most of Irish people speak English, so it’s an obvious plus for travelers as well. And overall Ireland is very culturally familiar to e.g. visitors from North America.

If you are planning a vacation in Ireland, flights are getting cheaper and cheaper with Norwegian. And you can find any type of accommodation – from castles to hostels.

July to August are peak tourist seasons in Ireland, so if you want to avoid big queues – choose May-June or September-October.

Some other tips:

  • Driving is on left side.
  • Republic of Ireland uses Euro, however Northern Ireland operates with pound.
  • At most attractions there is a free wi-fi.
  • You can save some money on museums and attractions by using Heritage card.


So, have a great trip to Ireland, Dublin and Bunratty Castle!

Get discounted Bunratty Castle tickets with museuly!

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