Youtube vlogging is increasingly popular right now and travel vlogging is one of the most enjoyable parts of this ecosystem.

This platform gives you access to a multi-million audience, which previously could be reached only via TV.

Therefore, thousands of bloggers open their Youtube accounts to find new opportunities, be heard and well, earn money.

Here is a list of travel vloggers on Youtube, you need to follow right now!

Louis Cole

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Louis is a British Youtuber, who created “FunForLouis” channel, which has gained over 2 million subscribers.

Louis creates daily vlogs about travel, road trips, adventures, meetups with other creators and much more.

Subscribe to his channel for a daily dose of Youtube inspiration.


Ben Brown

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Ben – a famous British filmmaker and vlogger. He spends a lot of time in South Africa. His youtube channel has over 700K subscribers.

Ben Brown is also a former Kayak world champion.


High on Life

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

High on Life Youtube Travel channel is run by three friends – Parker, Ryker and Alexey.

It features guides and experiences from almost every country in the world.

This is a great channel to get some travel inspiration and reach your dreams.


Raya Encheva

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Raya is Louis Cole’s girlfriend, who also has her own travel blog, with almost 200K subs.

Her travel vlog features great video guides, things to do itineraries and just some tips and tricks while traveling to different countries.


Elayna and Riley – Sailing La Vagabonde

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Elayna and Riley – an Australian couple, who regularly post videos about sailing around the world. They have incredible content – from living on deserted islands to diving in the oceans and cooking exotic fish. La Vagabonde Youtube channel now has over 500K subscribers and close to 100M views.

As they note in About section: “Through our videos we hope to inspire others to explore alternative options of living and to spread ocean awareness.”

Subscribe and will you know everything about sailing life!


Lost LeBlanc

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Christian LeBlanc – Canadian Youtuber, who quit his job to pursue a dream of full-time travel and filmmaking career.

He travels mainly to Asian countries, such as Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and so on.

Through his travel vlogs, he tells a story of his passion for filmmaking and travel.


Jack Harries

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Jack and his brother Finn gained almost 4 million subscribers on Youtube, by posting everything from travel daily vlogs to really spectacular travel videos.

Their most watched video is called “A Day in New York”. Enjoy!


Casey Neistat

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Casey is not solely travel vlogger – his vlogs feature all kinds of cool, really inspirational content.

But, he is also a passionate traveler, therefore his travel videos and reviews collect millions of views, especially airline reviews.

His channel blew off when he started daily vlogging and now has over 10M subscribers.



YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Alex and Marko live to travel.

Their Youtube channel, with over 800K subscribers, will take you to the most interesting places in the world.

By watching their videos, you can also find out plenty of travel hacks and tips and learn how to travel on a budget.


Hey Nadine

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Nadine creates amazing travel vlogs, gives travel advice, tips and hacks.

Join her 450K follower squad to travel smarter!


Mark Wiens

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Mark – top food travel vlogger on Youtube, with over 3,5M subscribers and over 600M views.

From About page: “Food is the reason you should travel, and on my channel you’ll watch videos that feature incredibly delicious food and travel tips.”


Wolters World

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Mark from Wolters World gives millions of travelers a piece of honest advice how to travel smarter and cheaper.

He discusses the best and worst parts of travel, so you can make the right choise in the end.

More than 400K people already subscribed to his advice.


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Wrapping up

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