Big Reasons Why Denver is a Brilliant Travel Destination


Denver, Colorado, has become a prime travel destination in the United States in the past five years. One of the reasons more people have been traveling to Colorado does lie in the fact that it was one of the first states to legalized the recreational use of marijuana.


Liberal marijuana laws is far from the only reason why larger numbers of people are traveling to Denver with each passing year. Indeed, there are a number of primary reasons why an ever increasing number of people are flocking to Denver.


A Dynamic New Hub


Denver has become a dynamic, emerging travel hub. Denver International Airport is one of the largest in the country. This particular destination is based on the number of people who travel through the airport every day. In fact, when it comes to the sheer size of the grounds of the airport, it is the largest in the country.


DIA is now connected to the iconic, historic Union Station, located in a part of the downtown zone of the Mile High City called LoDo. This connection is made via a train that ferries passengers back and froth from Union Station to the airports every half hour.


An ever growing number of people arriving in Denver for a holiday take the train to Union Station. The trek by train oftentimes is the quickest was to make the 20-plus mile trip into the city.


Once at Union Station, a visitor can immediately begin to take in the city. Being located in LoDo, the station is in close proximity to amazing bistros, bars, stores, and other venues.


Fantastic Food


During the past decade, Denver has experienced a real restaurant boom that is proving to be highly attractive to visitors to the city. This includes restaurants with names recognized the country over, including Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris’ Steakhouse.


More significantly, in recent years, Denver has become home to some amazing restaurants opened and grown right in the Mile High City. This includes a good number of bistros nestled in the LoDo area.


New and Revamped Hotels


Also during the past decade, there has been the renovation of older hotel properties and also the construction of new ones. The growth in lodging has occurred throughout the broad Denver metro area, including the south suburbs of the city. It has also included hotels throughout the downtown area, including LoDo.


Denver is Becoming Brew Country U.S.A.


Another significant trend in Denver in the past decade has been the launch and development of breweries. Denver can now appropriately be called one of the biggest and best beer cities in all of the United States.


The city itself is home of over 50 breweries. That number doubles if you take into account all of the Denver metro area. In one year alone, 16 breweries opened in Denver.


There is an incredible 20-brewery Denver Beer Trail. Through this trail, a visitor has a tremendous opportunity to enjoy a variety of well crafted beer.


The Great American Beer Festival occurs in Denver every September and attracts upwards to 600 U.S. breweries. This event typically coincides with the Denver Beer Fest. The Denver Beer Fest presents beer-paired dinners, brewery tours, tastings, firkin tappings, beer bike nights, midnight beer breakfasts, brewer competitions, among other activities and events.


Trendy Marketplaces


Throughout Denver, trendy marketplaces and shopping districts are popping up. This includes LoDo, which we have already discussed in fair detail. These districts also include the Stanley Market in Aurora, a community directly due east form Denver.


The city is also home to an array of amazing shops, stores, and boutiques. These are located throughout the city and are also tucked away in lovely communities directly accessible from the Mile High City.


Access to Resorts and Other Parts of Colorado


Denver has always been popular with people who come to the state to enjoy recreational activities. This includes ready access to the major ski resorts in the state. It also includes access to national and state parks for those visitor who are interested in enjoying the great outdoors on a family vacation.


Southern Colorado, also easily accessible from Denver, is also coming into its own. This includes Telluride, which has become a stomping grounds for celebrities who’ve established second homes in the community. It also includes Salida, the community Vogue magazine said is the one town that is a must-visit destination in 2018.


The Denver Tourism Office stands ready to help you plan your trip to the Mile High City, and elsewhere in the state. You can access resources provided by the organization at its website at www. You can also visit the Denver Tourist Information Center downtown at 1575 California.




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