10 Things to Do on a Weekend Getaway in Prague


A medieval inner city, impressive architecture and buzzing music culture have turned the charismatic Czech capital Prague into a popular destination for a short trip. With these 10 beautiful sights and enjoyable activities, you’ll make the most of your weekend.

1 – Visit Strahov Library

Bookworms can’t afford to miss the Strahov Library and its aged pieces of valuable literature. But the library doesn’t enchant just book lovers. There are plentiful paintings made by Czech masters in the 17th century. The collection of Strahov Library contains significant religious and philosophical works, like the Strahov Evangeliary which dates back to the year 860. If you’re into history, art and architecture, you’ll be blown away by this book paradise.

2 – Ascend the Žižkov TV Tower

The Žižkov TV Tower looms over the Czech capital, dominating much of its skyline. The famous artist David Černý designed gigantic fiberglass babies that look like they’re climbing to the top of the Roof of Prague. Although it has been regarded as an eyesore for a long time, the tower is loved for one particular feature: its observation deck, 97 meters high up in the sky. Swinging chairs offer relaxation, while Oblaca Restaurant sates the culinary cravings of those who visit this remarkable building. It’s even possible to spend the night in the clouds in One Room Hotel.

3 – Be Amazed by St. Vitus Cathedral

The towers of Saint Vitus Cathedral are visible from miles away and have been the spiritual beacons of the city for almost 800 years. The nave and beautiful stained-glass windows alone are worth visiting the church, but the most precious gem is undoubtedly the Saint Wenceslas Chapel. Countless frescoes make you feel like you’ve just been catapulted to the time of Saint Wenceslas himself. Visiting the marvellous chapel also will give you a chance to see the Crown Jewels of Czech Republic.

4 – Relax at Carlo IV Wellness & Spa

Marble floors, a large heated pool and heavenly massages; after walking around the city and seeing all the cultural sights, it’s time to blow some steam off in a lush retreat, such as Carlo IV Wellness & Spa. Here you can get the stress scrubbed out or your worries kneaded away by the hands of capable masseurs. When you arrange a massage or facial treatment longer than 60 minutes, the entrance to the complex is free.

5 – Check Out the Astronomical Clock Show

After making your way through the cosy cobbled streets in central Prague, the crowd you’ll see at the Old Town Square starts to make sense after the first glimpse of the Astronomical Clock. Be there on the hour, when four figures begin to move their mechanical limbs. They represent vanity, greed, death and lust.

Statues of the Apostles show themselves every hour, representing the religious character of Prague 600 years ago. The show finishes off with a trumpeter announcing the hour. This trumpeter is the only character in the show who’s actually alive.

6 – Cruise on the Vltava River

If you have little time to spend in Prague, but don’t want to miss out on the main sights of the city, a boat ride might be the best bet in town. Hit the docks, jump on a cruise vessel and gaze upon the famous Charles Bridge and Liechtenstein Palace. This is the fastest and by far the most convenient way to see some of Prague’s most important landmarks and exciting architecture that defines the city.

7 – Take Pictures of the Powder Tower

A weekend trip to Prague also transports one to the time of medieval kings and queens, knights and noble monarchs. Don’t forget to bring your camera to Prague, as you might visit the Powder Tower with its magnificent arch, inscriptions and sculptures. This gate was built in 1475 by Vladislaus II, the King of Bohemia, and served both as a city gate and gunpowder storage. These days the charming doorway connects the Old Town with the newer part of Prague, so sooner or later you’ll bump into this handsome giant.

8 – Wander Around in the National Theatre

Even if you’re not an opera or ballet lover, you might want to consider going to the National Theatre. Built in 1883, this fabulous piece of architecture is the pride of Prague’s music scene. Besides visiting a classical performance, one can opt for a guided tour through the stunning building and learn about music history. The opera hall is top of the bill with its neoclassical pillars and elegant balconies.

9 – John Lennon Wall

Until the 1980s, nothing was more ordinary than this random hunk of concrete. When suddenly some citizens decided to pick up some spray paint and paint John Lennon’s portrait, the wall became a stumbling block for the socialist government. This, of course, attracted more people to spray on more The Beatles’ song lyrics. The first painting of John Lennon’s face isn’t visible anymore, but many layers of artwork later, this once anonymous wall is still a place of pilgrimage for the fans of The Beatles and a visually striking sight at the same time.

10 – Beer Brewery & Tasting

Beer has been a part of Prague’s culture for many centuries and is now a part of the city’s heritage. Sample the flavours of the Czech Republic in Bohemian Craft Beer Tasting or sip on local lagers in Brevnov Monastery Brewery of St. Adalbert, just outside the city centre. The building is established over a millennium ago and breaths the history of pivo, the Czech beverage of choice. Thirsty travellers can even purchase their own barrel as a reminder of the Czech beer culture. Cheers!

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