The islands of Maldives are the most beautiful and the most tropical islands on the planet. Everyone on this planet is mesmerized by the beauty of these islands and which to visit them once at least in their life time. The islands offer the tourist with a combination of a natural and luxurious life style. The resorts that are running the islands are the most luxurious in the world. The islands are packed with great mosques and spice scented markets that are an enjoyable place for tourist to visit. The paradise is open to all kinds of visitors but is known for being the honeymoon hotspot.
¥ Male
The city of Male, which is the capital of the Maldives atolls, is one of the buzziest cities in Maldives. The city represents the cultural values of Maldives. The streets are packed with Indian food and craft markets along with spice bazaar. You will also find a large range of coconut vendors on the streets. The famous places of the city are the 17th century mosque and the Islamic Center that has a golden tip. There are no more tourist sites in the city but is the best place to visit if you want to run into the culture of the people of Maldives.
¥ Banana Reef
The banana reef is famous of the Scuba diving experience that it offers to its visitors. It is the best place in whole of Maldives for Scuba diving gear. Most of the tourists come to the islands of Maldives to enjoy the nature and underwater life is one of the best things to witness. The reef is shaped into a dash and is located between the isles of North Male Atoll. You will find multi colored corals in the area. You can uncover the reef sharks, bulbous sponges and striped snappers underneath the water.
¥ Hulhumale Island
The island has the main gateway to these spectacular islands. The Velana International airport is one of the ways through which the tourist can enter the islands of Maldives and enjoy their rich natural sceneries. The island itself offers a variety of destinations that include the glass topped mosque, the esplanade walkway above the Indian Ocean, the beach at the eastern side and a lush neighborhood.
¥ Maafushi
The island doesnÕt offer the tourist with 5 star hotels and resorts or the luxurious lifestyle due to the distraction in went through at the time of the 2004 Indian Tasmania. The island does have guest houses that are perfect for tourist and families that ate on the budget. The island is still trying to get on its feet for the past decade but still offers a variety of pleasant sites such as lapping waves at the shores and beaches covered with palm trees.
¥ Fuvahmulah
The attractions offered by the island are different from the ones that are offered by other islands of Maldives. One of reasons for that is the fact that it doesnÕt have nearby neighbors. The island has the whole atoll to itself. This flat lying area offers occasional inland lakes that are usually hot as the area is near the EarthÕs Equator.

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