Ice Land the land of ice is known for many majestic destinations for tourists to visit. These attractions include ice caps that run from south Artic to the North Artic, majestic volcanic mountains, hot water springs, rugged canyons and famous full house vodka bars.

The bars are always packed with people and the music of the island is quite famous as well. The island offers a lot of breath taking views to their tourists that are worth the money and the time. We have picked out some famous destinations in Iceland for you to visit and enjoy to tour to the country. The destinations and activities are listed below.

Whale Watching

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Whales are huge mammals that show at the surface of the water in only some of the oceans. One of the places where you can view the significant whales is Iceland. The island offers its tourist with the activity of whale watching in many places such as Reykjavik. The locals also hunt these whales so you are for sure going to find them on the menu of a restaurant. It is one the most liked sea food of the island.

The blue Lagoon

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The blue lagoon is geothermal spa that we all hope for to visit at least once in our life. The lagoon is located about 40 km away from the capital of the island, Reykjavik.

The destination is the site for active volcanoes. You will find left over plunges of the geo thermal power plant that was planted in 1970s. The visitors can enjoy the hot water massages along with other spa activities at the lounges there.

Gullfoss Waterfall

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You can find the majestic Gullfoss waterfall in the south west area of Iceland. The waterfall is one of the most dramatic cataracts in the world. You can witness powerful streams, the strong plunges of river Hvita and the threes step terraces.

Around the waterfall you will find a lot of natural beauty that makes the waterfall look more captivating. The plunges of the river are believed to be stronger in the summer season as compared to the winter season but in both cases it is breath taking.

Myrdalsjokull Glacier Park

The glacier is cake din ice throughout the year without any doubt. It is the chilliest place for visitors to visit and enjoy the cold weather in the summer season.

The glacier is the fourth largest one in the country and has several ice caved valleys. The glacier offers the best trails to its hikers and is perfect for enjoying some alone time.


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Due to the several volcanic activities underneath the surface of the island the country offers a lot of hot water springs, geysers and thermal pools to the visitors. You can find a number of geysers in the country.

The famous one of the all is the fountain geyser beside the Hvita River in the southwest of Island. Others can be found in the south side of the country.

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