8 Money Saving Tips while Traveling With Kids This Holiday Season

Nothing is better than spending the holidays with your kids. Due to the hectic work schedule and busy student life, it is rare to get some quality time with children. Therefore, holidays are the perfect time to take time out from the rest of things and focus on your family.

However, if you are planning to travel with your kids this holiday season, it can be expensive if you do not plan well. Good planning and execution is the key to travel stress-free and enjoying your family time. Traveling with kids can be expensive at times and holidays can make it more challenging, especially if you opt out for solo parent travel. But you need not worry. There are plenty of ways you can save money while traveling with kids. After all, during a holiday trip, everyone deserves to have fun especially kids.

So, just sit back and give a good read to this piece of information to have a budget-friendly family experience.

1. Budgeting – Before you decide to go on a family trip this time during holidays prepare a budget. Make sure you are not using the monthly budget of the house but, try using the extra savings from the family funds so that you can chill and enjoy your trip. Your budget should include travel cost, gas cost, food cost, stay cost and also the souvenirs cost.

2. Sign up for reward programs – You will be amazed to find the amount you saved using reward programs. It is better to sign up for such saving programs and use earned credit points to pay the bills of hotel bookings or fights. In fact, there are reward programs in which you can get a free stay or great discounts on travel booking. Also, you can save money on travels or stay by applying coupons to your bookings. You can compare and find the latest coupons and deals from Couponobox which is great way to save money.

3. Carry your snacks – kids can’t travel with a shut mouth. Yes, you will require a lot of snacks or candies to keep them busy eating. It is very costly to buy food on the way. So, consider carrying your travel snack from home like nutrition bar, candies and trail mix. Also, stock up the water bottles for the trip. You can stop by local grocery stores to buy fresh fruits or bread than buying fast food from an expensive highway rest areas.

4. Save on transportation – If you use your car to commute can save a lot of money. Also, while on the trip you can use a bicycle or walk or public transports to explore the holiday spirit of the city you are spending your holidays.

5. Prefer B&B – You can save more by staying at B&B over the hotels because free breakfast can be a good money saving for you. Moreover, you can spend your mornings with your kids, relaxing and playing without stressing for the options to eat your breakfast.

6. Go for free stuff – Almost every place has many attractions which are entirely free to visit. You can make a list of such places and try them. Also, during holidays, there are several cities or town that has their own festive fun events hence, you can also be a part of such events at no cost involved.

7. Grab happy hour perks – Several hotels and B&B offers family deals like happy hours where you can get drinks and food at a discounted rate. So, take advantage of such wonderful opportunities and make most of it. Sometimes, costs are so low that you may feel it almost free. Isn’t this a great family holiday perk?

8. Don’t Travel Too far – You can pick a nearby destination for the holidays while traveling with your kids. To enjoy the quality family time, you need not to spend a lot on travel expenses. Besides, if you have limited days it is very good not to waste time and money on travels. In fact, spend your time on experiences rather than luxury travel.


Sum up –


Holidays are just around the corner. Hence, buck up and search your family time place for this year. Your attention and presence is a more important thing for your kids. It make no sense to spend huge money on travels and later work rigorously to cover the expenses. Such holidays are to build a strong bond with your kids.

Moreover, real connections can be experienced through regular small talk, short plays and being always there for them. So, try on the tips you read here and share your experience in the comments section below.

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