Traveling in Argentina with Your Pooch


If you will be traveling in Argentina, you may desire to bring along a beloved family member in the form of your dog. If that is the case, it is important for you to know how to access dog0friendly accommodations in Argentina. In addition, you undoubtedly would like to know of perfect pooch activities you can access while you are in country.


Argentine Dog-Friendly Lodging Accommodations


The number of hotels and other lodging options in Argentina that are dog-friendly has been on the increase with each passing year. Argentine lodging operators have come to understand that more and more people desire to travel with their canines.


There are two factors to bear in mind when it comes to dog-friendly lodgings in Argentine. First, most hotels establish a maximum weight for dogs that will be permitted on the premises. The one exception to the weight limitation is when it comes to service animals. With that noted, the weight limitation is fairly generous, with hotels limiting canine guests to those weighing under 45 to 50 pounds.


Second, most Argentine hotels charge an additional fee for a dog staying at a property. At the present time, the average charge among hotels for a visiting pooch is in the neighborhood of 200 Argentine pesos. The exchange with the U.S. dollar brings the charge to about $5. Keep in mind that the Argentine peso has been one of the most volatile currencies on the planet. Thus, you definitely will want to confirm the exchange rate when you face an additional lodging charge for your dog.


Examples of hotels and other lodgings that welcome dogs include:


  • Art Deco Hotel and Suites, Buenos Aires


  • La Casa de Mia Mama, Salta


  • Ski Sur Apartments, Bariloche


  • El Conquistador Hotel, Buenos Aires


  • Reina Victoria Suites, Mendoza


Examples of Activities for Dogs in Argentina


Urban sightseeing is a prime example of a popular tourist activity in Argentina that can involve your dog. The reality is that cities like Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and other locales include amazing districts and neighborhoods that invite enjoyable and educational urban sightseeing. This includes both structured and informal walking tours of different parts of these locales.


Oftentimes, dogs are more than welcome to accompany their humans on urban sightseeing adventures, including many structured adventures with a guide. You will want to confirm in advance that your pooch will be welcome, even if a particularly sightseeing event will be a walking tour.


On a related note, many visitors to Argentina enjoy taking advantage of hiking opportunities. These treks are nearly always available to dogs traveling with their humans. Popular hiking options in the country include, but are not limited to:


  • Patagonia Plains


  • Tierra del Fuego National Park


  • Beagle Channel


  • Cerro Martial


  • Perito Moreno


  • Iguazu Falls


Many tourists make certain to explore Cueva de las Manos when in country. Cueva de las Manos is a destination that features wall paintings that go back over 10,000 years. This cave also features some truly amazing natural wonders as well. Your pooch will be welcome if you elect to explore this destination.


The Argentine capital city is particularly dog-friendly. One popular pooch-person desination is the Plaza del Congreso. This location is a favorite of locals and tourists alike when it comes to dog walking. Another perfect place for a visiting pooch is the leash-free Avenida de Mayo Dog Park.


Unfortunately, Buenos Aires has garnered a reputation for having a high number of stray dogs living on the streets. On the plus side, if you are so inclined, the governments of the city and country make adopting one of these canines a relatively easy endeavor.


Preparing Your Pooch for a Trip to Argentina


Argentina has relatively liberal policies when it comes to bringing a dog into the country. There are some points to bear in mind if you intend to travel to and in Argentine with your dog.


Unlike some countries, your dog does not need to be microchipped. Nonetheless, you are encouraged to get your furry friend microchipped if you’ve not done so already. You will also want to make sure that your dog has appropriate tags, including one that contains comprehensive contact information for you.


Your dog must be vaccinated no less than 21 days and no more than 12 months before entering into Argentina. Argentina does not recognize the 3-year rabies vaccination that is becoming more widely utilized in the United States and some other countries.


A rabies test is not required nor is an import permit. You do need to have your dog treated for external and internal parasites within 15 days of leaving on your trip to the country.


If you will be flying into Argentina, the entry point is Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Buenos Aires. A veterinary official will need to inspect or examine your dog as part of overall passport control operations. Make certain that the airport station manager’s office has been notified of your expected time of arrival to facility this screening so that your pet is not unduly detained at the airport.


Argentina does not maintains a list of so-called banned breeds that cannot be brought into the country. Provided all of the requirements enumerated previously are satisfied, no particular breed is subject to a blanket ban by the country.



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