Travel Inspired Garden: Revive Your Travel Memories

Every traveler likes to bring something back home with them from their travels. Usually, these mementos are nothing more than souvenirs like fridge magnets or set of postcards. But they can also be much more and even have a lasting effect on a traveler’s life.

One of the ways people like to revive their travel memories is by creating gardens inspired by something unique to the destination they visited. Since spring is an ideal time to welcome change into your life, here are some interesting suggestions on how to let your garden take you to distant places.


  • Let nature go wild like in Australia


Australia is country famous for its diversity of nature and animal life, gorgeous landscapes and fusion of different cultures. In the Land Down Under, it’s all about enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden which is a trend that many countries around the world have adopted. While Australian gardens are very modern and follow the latest trends, in order to build an homage to this lovely country, you have to embrace the flora.

One of the authentic Australian plants is spotted emu bush which is perfect for those without any experience in gardening and it is very resistant to harsh weather. Create welcoming conditions for natural pollinators like bees and butterflies, and don’t be afraid to let the fauna into your space like birds and squirrels. Home-grown produce will also bring out Australia’s dedication to the eco-friendly way of life while adding a small waterfall will pay tribute to its variety of waters.


  • Find your Zen in Japanese-styled gardens


For many, Japan is the land of fresh seafood, cherry blossom and awe-inspiring tradition that spans across centuries. This is also the country popular for its dedication to tranquility and various methods to mitigate stress from meditation to karaoke. This is why Zen gardens are among the most popular landscaping features in residential homes and even present in their reduced form in offices.

When building a Japanese Zen garden, you have to restrain yourself from using every inch of the space since it’s all about minimalism and open space here. The prevalent color is green, but if you decide to have flowers – choose one variety to avoid overwhelming the space with shades and create chaos. Stone and sand should be the main building materials, especially for pathways and open areas where you will sit and relax. One of the most important features of every Zen garden is water which can be a small basin, waterfall or a koi pond surrounded by evergreen shrubs and lanterns.


  • Bring the Dutch charm to your home


Even though a small country, Netherlands is famous all over the world for its bulb fields, windmills, wooden shoes, and bicycles. The houses here are made of brick and stonework often surrounded by flowers and neatly mowed grass. If you want to revive your travel memories of Netherlands, the easiest thing would be to grow its signature flowers tulips, anemones, and crocuses.

But other famous icons from this country can fit nicely in your exterior design like old bicycle repainted and decorated with potted flowers. Wooden clogs brought back as souvenirs would be perfect planters for the flower while placing a decorative windmill miniature among the greenery will accentuate the Dutch charm. Red, blue and yellow should dominate, although when it comes to tulips you can have them in all sorts of shades even black.


  • Revive your garden with Mediterranean vibes


French, Greek and Italian countryside has inspired many gardeners over the years and rightfully so. Mediterranean area is full of scented plants, laidback feel, stonewalling and terraces with amazing views. If you plan to bring the Mediterranean to your garden you need to think about calming shades most preferably mauve and lilac hues.

Succulents and cacti are common in the Mediterranean, however, introduce lavender and oleander to your garden as well to give it sweetened scents and serene ambiance. You will often notice shaded structures in the Mediterranean houses like awnings and pergolas usually decorated with vines and flowers. Invest in the comfortable and big seating area so you can invite friends and family for big gatherings with lots of food and drinks.    


  • Enjoy the serenity of Moroccan courtyard garden


Everyone who has been to Morocco will tell you stories about its golden dunes and mountain ranges. From Souks of Marrakech to blue village of Chefchaouen, this is a country that will show you the pleasantness of colors and intoxicating scents. Gardens in Morocco are built to resemble oasis with townhouse erected around a courtyard where the locals find comfort from the city life.

While creating an authentic Moroccan garden will require extensive construction works, you can borrow its features and create your own sanctuary. Hire a reliable contractor like Impecca Build to install patterned tiles and an ornate fountain at the center of your garden. Make sure to plant a fig tree since it’s the true symbol of Moroccan gardens, as well some cacti, succulents and some mint for authentic tea.


  • Adopt the wild side of the English countryside


If you’ve seen the English countryside, then you must have noticed the myriad of wildflowers in the valleys and abundance of trees. One of the landmarks of the English countryside is cottages accompanied by colorful gardens layered with flowers, bushes, and grass. While you may lack the famous English weather, you can certainly evoke some of its charms in your outdoor area.

Stone or brick walls are a very common feature in English gardens and you can use them instead of hedges if you are not so keen about pruning. Lavender is also a fine replacement for hedges and adding a variety of colored blossoms will help the garden look wilder. Furniture is very important feature here, so consider placing comfortable benches, tables, and chairs for tea or brunch parties.  

All in all

Traveling changes a person and every time we come home from one of our trips, we are a little bit changed for the experience we had. Building a travel-inspired garden is a modest way to revive your travel memories, but it will leave a lasting impression on your living space and day-to-day life.


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