11 Travel Apps Every Globetrotter Should Have 

Do you enjoy exploring new places, spending time venturing extraordinary destinations, or learning about other cultures? If you do, you’re definitely a globetrotter and traveling is almost a life necessity to you.

Luckily for you, each year the traveling experience is getting more advanced and updated, thanks to the development in technology and the invention of numerous travel apps. We’ve selected a list of 11 travel apps every travel enthusiasts needs to have so make sure to check it out.



Trip Advisor is the ultimate travel guide which can help you find anything you’re looking for on a given destination. Simply choose the location you want to travel to and Trip Advisor will help you:

  • find a hotel
  • explore best restaurants
  • find attractions and travel tours
  • look at other user’s reviews and images of the selected locations

You’ll be able to read other people’s experiences and look for a recommendation by someone who’s already been to your desired destination.

This way you’ll be able to plan the best trip, with no unpleasant surprises and covering all the must-see locations of the place you’re visiting.



This app is designed to help you travel in a more relaxed and stress-free manner.

Triplt organizes all your travel information, documents, and schedules in one places, making it easy for you to instantly find the information you need.

You won’t have to go to your inbox to see which gate you should be at or when it opens.

As soon as you book a:

  • flight
  • hotel
  • car

just send the information to Triplt, and they’ll take it from there. The app will create a master plan for your trip, including all the details you need along the way.



Airbnb is one of the most popular booking apps, perfect for adventurous travelers who enjoy immersing with the locals.

The app is designed to help you find whatever it is you’re looking for on your next travel adventure:


  • a rental home
    Choose based on price, location, amenities, and take a look at the previous travelers’ reviews and comments
  • local experiences
    See what the new destination has to offer and choose fun activities to do once you get there
  • contact the host
    Get in direct touch with your new host, get destination information and book your rental


Airbnb is made for those who enjoy being their own travel guides and trip planners.



Google Maps is definitely a fundamental travel app for every globetrotter who wants to get around the faster, travel better and explore the new destination in a quality manner.

This app can help you:

  • find the best route to a destination
  • set a time frame to each location shift
  • follow must-try places recommended by other people
  • find the best restaurant, coffee places, events, and activities

You can even download a map of your travel destination and use the app when you’re offline.  This way you can explore the city on foot and get the best out of each travel.



The idea behind Kayak is to use one app to book everything you need for your next trip.

This app helps you plan the perfect trip by:

  • searching hundreds of travel sites for you
  • finding the best flight, hotel, or rental car
  • organizing all your travel plans
  • tracking flight status



Have you ever been lost in translation? Has the language barrier made it hard for you to enjoy your trip to the fullest?

Well, Google Translate has you covered.

The app is perfect to help you get around a foreign country and understand the world around you. It offers the following features:

  • instant translation as you type
  • camera translation by pointing your phone to a text
  • 103 languages
  • create your own phrasebook

The app is perfect for when you’re traveling to a non-English speaking country and you want to learn the local words, immerse with the crowd and show respect to your hosts.



This app is your personal flying assistant designed to help you have the best air travel experience possible.

It keeps you informed about:

  • your flight real-time status
  • airport details
  • airport navigation maps
  • time to gate and security check

It’s all in one place and it’s all you need to know about your flight.



If you want to immerse in the city you’ve just traveled to and dive right into everything fantastic it has to offer, you’ll enjoy reading the highly informative and entertaining articles published on Culture Trip.

The app keeps you updated about:

  • best hotels
  • the art scene
  • cultural events
  • bars and pubs

It offers information for every country in the world so you can use it where ever you go.



Hotel Tonight is the app linking you to properties and rental all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a luxury 5-star hotel or a one-night stay at a motel, this app has your back.

Using this app you can

  • make a same-day reservation
  • find cheap last-minute offers
  • be spontaneous and adventurous

Travel instinctively and enjoy every trip.



Getting around a new city is made easy with the world’s most popular ridership app- Uber.

Uber enables you to explore the city you’re in comfortably and affordably.

Here’s what it’s all about:

  • Tell the app where you want to go.
  • Your location will tell the driver where to pick you up.
  • You’ll get the driver’s info.
  • Pay via credit card, in cash or via Apple Pay, PayPal and more.
  • Leave a review after the ride.

It’s simple, fast and super-easy.


  • Trail Wallet (iOS)


For those of you having trouble keeping track of your travel expenses, this app can help you stay on track and organize the way you spend your money.

Use this app to keep track of expenses by category:

  • accommodation
  • food
  • transport
  • miscellaneous

and others.

Make sure you know where your money’s going and whether you’re respecting your budget plan.


Final Thoughts

Travel apps are helping globetrotter from all over the globe find exactly what they’re looking for and enjoy every day of their travel adventure. There’s an app for everything, from booking a hotel and finding fun activities and stunning sightseeing destinations, to immersing with the locals and exploring the city their way.

Make sure to check out all the app form our list and make your next trip unforgettable.

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