The republic of Albania is located in the southeastern Europe. So if you are planning on doing a Europe Trip small republics like Albania are a must place to visit. Such countries might not have the luxurious life styles but they for sure have a great history. Albania is the only state in the world which is bordered from its people. You will find more Albanian outside Albania than in the country itself. One of the famous figures of the world, Mother Teresa was Albanian by blood. That is quite exciting to know. If you are planning on visiting the country then below are some famous places in Albania that you must visit during your stay there.
¥ Berat Castle

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The castle of Berat is a quite unique castle in the southern Europe. It is a fortress landmark that is located in the city of Berat that lies over the Osum River. The castle was acknowledged as a heritage site by the UNESCO. Berat was named as the city of Museums in 1961 so if you are a historian or culture lover kind of person than this place is a must for you to visit. The castle holds the famous red mosque and almost 20 churches. You will also find a central museum in the castle that surrounds one of the largest Orthodox churches with many 16th century paintings, by “Master Onufri”.
¥ Albanian Riviera

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If you a beach person and would love to sit by the sea and relax then you must visit the coastline in the southwest side of the country. You will notice that River Riviera is much like the Italian Riviera but there the beach offers more comfort and peace as it is quitter and less crowded allowing you to relax peacefully. The beaches offer scenery of mountains setting that host quite small and traditional villages.
¥ Durres

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The city of Durres is a must place to visit as it offers a lot of site seeing, beaches and peaceful walking. The city is a port city located at the coastline of Albania that is dated back to 7th century BCE. The city has the largest Roman amphitheater in the Balkan that you would get to visit. The modern city is quite different from the old one. It offers soft sand beaches, developed roads, warm Adriatic waters to its tourist.
¥ Museum of Apollonia

The city of Apollonia is located in the middle of Albania. It is a great historic and archeological city as you will find the ruins of the ancient Greek city named after the God Apollon. The museum of Apollonia was established back in 1958 and contains articles excavated nearby from the city of Apollonia. The artifacts are one of kind and represent the original glory of the town.
¥ Ksamil Islands

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Our love for islands is infinite. Ksamil islands consist of four rocky islands that are located in the southern Albania along the Ionian Sea. These islands hold a large number of plant species as they fall within the Illyrian deciduous forests terrestrial Eco region of the Palearctic Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub. If you are a nature lover then this place is perfect for you to visit.

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