Central America is one of the best places for tourist to visit as the place covers seven countries that have everything to offer to their visitors. You will find beaches, rivers, waterfalls and spring all around the area. Central America is a place to enjoy both the natural lifestyles and the modern lifestyles of New York or Paris. The place rich in culture is one of the famous tourist attractions in the world. We have lined up some of the famous spots that you must visit if you are planning of visiting Central America.
¥ Costa Rica

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The most popular destination of Central America is the city of Costa Rica. The city is both rich is culture and natural beauty. The pristine beaches and the tumbling jungles of the country cover abundant of plants and animal species. It is known that the country holds 5% of the biodiversity of the world. Along with the biodiversity the country also offers a lot of beautiful and majestic sceneries that help the tourist relax.
¥ Belize

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The Belize Island is one of the smallest in the country. You would say that it is like a fingernail in the whole of Central America. The place is known as the natural and cultural wonderland with magnificent jungles, fast flowing rivers and relaxing beaches. The citizens of the island are mostly Mayans. One of the main points of interest on the island is the second largest barrier reef in the world along with other destinations for you to visit.
¥ El Salvador

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El Salvador is one of the smallest countries in the world but still it holds a lot attractions and destinations for tourist to visit and enjoy the customs and culture of the country. Due to its miniature size all the attractions are in close proximity thus can easily be reached. The country offers a variety of jungles, beaches, volcanoes and ancient Mayan sites.
¥ Beaches and Islands

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The beaches and the islands of Central America are very famous among the tourist. They offer a lot of water activities to their visitors such as scuba diving, swimming, fishing and surfing. Along with the activities the islands are rich in marine life and have diverse coast lines. You can witness the Pacific shores and Caribbean isles all in one place. Such sites are worth the visit and quite captivating.
¥ Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is known for being the home for the second largest rainforest in America. The rain forest covers at least 7% of the biodiversity of the world. You can witness various species of flora and fauna and capture their captivating beauty. The island is the largest fresh water volcanic island in the world. The island is believed to become the second Costa Rica of Central America.
¥ Guatemala

Maya Stadt Tikal (Guatemala)
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The country has majestic views with streets covered with trees and buildings. You will find Mayan ruins in the country along with volcanic mountains and forested mountains. 40% of the population of the country is of Mayan descents. La Ruta Mayer is the travel plan that runs from Guatemala to Mexico.

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