Azerbaijan is known as the land of fires. It nation is located between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus mountains. The country is famous for the natural wonder that it holds along with the rich historic sites that is has. The capital of the city is famous of the medieval walled inner city; the city has the famous palace of Shirvanshahs. The skyline of the city is lined with the old stoned Maidan Tower. The country offers a lot of other attractive places for the tourists to visit and enjoy their stay. Some of those magnificent destinations are listed below to help you out with your tour planning.


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Quba is a small cultural town in the northeast side of the country. The town is filled with the Azerbaijan culture that runs through the country. The town is an ancient mountain town that is located beside the Qudailchay River and offers the rich diversity of remote historic villages. The mountains offer stunning landscape views and hiking trails to hikers. These trails are one of the best in the country for tourist to visit and experience the hiking paths. You will also find a small Jewish town nearby that also offers a lot of history and culture.

Shirvan National Park

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The national park is located in the southwest of the Baku. The national park is not fully a green lush area but is a semi desert park that is the home for large diversity of flora and fauna. The national park is the house of over 200 bird species out of which 32 are quite rare. You can witness a large population of gazelles, jungle cats and turtles. The park also offers a camping site for campers to enjoy and view the glories landscapes.

The Caspian Sea

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One of the best places in Azerbaijan is the Caspian Sea which is also known as the worldÕs largest lake as well. The lake stretches over the border with Iran and Dagestan. The length of the lake is almost 500 km. due to a large amount of pollution in the city the beaches are quite messy but the Sumgait beach in the north of the Absheron Peninsula is the best resort in the city for tourists to stay and enjoy the wonders of the city.
¥ Lake Goygol
The Goygol Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Azerbaijan. It attracts thousands of tourists towards itself every year. The city was formed almost 1000 years ago after the devastation caused by the earth quake. The destination is located near the Ganja. The city has almost 19 lakes that lie within the Goygol Lake.


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The city of Baku is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The city exhibits the Islamic cultural lifestyle and old historic towns. The city also offers a lot of beautiful sights such as the Baku Boulevard, a lengthy walkway near the Caspian Sea, and the views from the hill near Martyrs Lane.


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