There is a sight for sore eyes in South America. Getting ready for vacation, one should think thoroughly what places to visit in South America. South America is a great place to spend a vacation. There are unique natural and culture-historical places of interest.

Perito Moreno Glacier Opal Iceberg
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Ice Shelf Perito-Moreno is out in Argentina on the territory of national Los Glaciares Park (Patagonia). El Calafate village I located 78 km away from the ice shelf connected with a great civilization by an air travel. Perito-Moreno area amounts to 250 km2. It is a part of a large ice plateau takes the place of 3 in the world in terms of fresh water capacity.

Christ in heaven Christ the Redeem
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Christ the Redeemer turns an eye at a height of Corcovado onto Brazilian Rio de Janeiro. The height of the monument is about 38 m, area of outspread hands is equal to 30 m and the weight is almost 1, 2 000 tons. The hill commands a fine panorama; an electric train raises tourists up.

Angel Falls
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Angel Falls is the highest on the planet Earth (800-1000 m) overturns on the territory of Canaima National Park in Venezuela. Waters of Churun River and its Carano tributary formed it.

Machu Picchu, Peru
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Machu Picchu is located at a height of a bit more than 2 000 meters above sea level in Peruvian Cuzco. It was a holy place created back in the year 1440 during the reign of rigid Pachakutiq. In 1532 when the Spanish Main happened on the territory of the country, Machu Picchu was safe due to its inaccessibility. City people disappeared mysteriously that very year leaving about 200 buildings among which temples, residences, and social structures behind… One can view historic city within Machu Picchu with its clear structuredness, winding streets of residential districts, remaining temples and an altarpiece for sacrifice. A good physical training will allow overcoming a ladder, which seems to be endlessly leading to Intihuatana, a stone to which the sun is tied up. Machu Picchu is on the list of UNESCO world heritage site.

Easter Island, Rano Raraku, moais
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Easter Island is a territory of Chile. Tourists come over here to see the stone moai giants. As believed, a superpower hides within pressed volcanic cinder. Mysterious statues wait for guests within national Rapanui park and are under the guidance of UNESCO. Those are human heads up to 20 meters high who look at the heart of the island. Nobody knows how the statues happen to be on Easter, legends say they came over on their own.

Iguassu Falls
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Iguacu Falls is a waterfall mix at same-name River is located on the frontier territory of Argentina and Brazil within national parks of the two countries with one name Iguacu. Both of them are part of UNESCO world heritage site. There are 2 millions of tourists each year who can enjoy viewing platforms and tour circuits leading straight to the bottom of Iguacu. Local citizens entertain guests singing national songs and dancing dressing up in colourful clothes.

Nazca Lines
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Nazca is a dessert of south Peru bank famous with its geoglyphs looking like geometrical patterns on the surface of the plateau. In present days, almost 30 patterns are recognizable looking like a spider, a monkey, a bird and other things. Apart from that, the ground is cut-to-ribbons along with spiral gaudiness. Peculiarities of the desert climatic zone made it to where geoglyphs survived to nowadays. It is hard to define the patterns being on the ground, as long as some of them are 100 m in length. Structuredness and harmony were observed from a bird’s eye view early last century. The place of interest is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

puno titicaca
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Lake Titicaca is the greatest lake of South America located on the territories of Peru and Bolivia at height of about 4 000 m. It is the highest among boatable ones on the planet. It is kinky as long as two halves of it are quite different. It is funny but in the perspective of Russian phonetics, the name of the lake is translated as the Mountain Puma. One would think, what is there to look at coming over the lake except for water surface. The Andes! As well as 41 motley island, the biggest of which is the Sun Island. There are up to 180 different ruins on the Sun Island, backdated to 500 years! It should come as no surprise that there is the Moon Island eastwards keeping enough venerable ruins just as well. Tocqueville island is going to be much of interest too where no electricity, no cars and other well-being and the locals confess the rule of three NOT to lie, NOT to steel and NOT to be lazy.

Green Sea Turtle, Galápagos
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Galapagos Islands appear to be pacific archipelago to the west of Ecuador includes a baker’s dozen of volcanic formations plus half of a baker`s dozen of usual islands along with 107 rock and warplanes. The most ancient island is about 10 million years aged and the youngest Isabela and Fernandina are still forming eruptions were happening not that long ago in 2005. They are considered to be national parks and there was a time when it was an asylum for convicts. Now they are part of UNESCO world heritage site and conservation districts of world biosphere. They are remarkable due to its natural world and wildlife of endemic nature. Each of the islands as part of Galapagos is unique and original.

Selection of places of interest in South America will allow planning one`s vacation ideally, you will get to see the most unusual places in South America. Waterfalls, mountains, temples, churches – this is a pocket of the embodiment of longstanding history and culture of South America.

Descriptions and images of places of interest in South America will allow determining what is worth visiting at the beginning of your trip so you do not forget and maybe even come back once again. Because vacation however paradoxical it may sound takes lots of energy.

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