When deciding on a trip, it is definitely difficult for you to determine which destination you will then choose. There are many beautiful places in all parts of the world that are waiting for you, and you often do not have enough time so you have to limit yourself to those places that are at the top of your travel list. If this year you are in doubt about where to travel, we present 7 destinations that will surely mark 2018 if you decide to visit them.


Just Patagonia The view of 'W Trekkin' in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, Patagonia.
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In the narrow belt of the south of South America, this longest country in the world is at the same time mountain and flatland, both desert and Mediterranean. And there are fertile plains with fields, orchards, vineyards and pastures, salty lakes and fjords, numerous active volcanoes, forests and impenetrable rainforests, and the snow and ice of the mountainbed. It is rare for anyone to imagine this country – you can feel sand in the wisest desert in the world – Atakami, stroll at the foot of the Andes snow peaks, and enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean and its islands. All this is possible in just one place in the world – the state of Chile.


Funza Colombia Christmas Lights
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Another South American country which is certainly the perfect destination for the 2018 trip is Colombia. Whoever made the planet was going through The Thousand and one night when he came to Colombia. This large country, whose territory has a surface almost as Britain, Germany and France together, is extremely diverse and rich in nature and history. In its 32 departments, over 44 million people are touched by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and include Cordillera, Savannah, the Desert, and the lungs of the planet – Amazon.


Panorama Malte
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Malta is in its completely non-stereotyped, rarely attractive environment, simply magical. Why? – You are asking. Because besides this visual pleasure and tranquility, which we can not find so often, as well as various attractions and entertainment, it offers extremely interesting knowledge about its past. Large areas of the island covered with sand and stone, the possibility of endless walks between or a little away from not too high houses, or outside the village, by the sea, countless very lively and nicely decorated cafes and bars. Malta simply calls you to visit it as soon as possible.


Cameleon colors
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The island of Madagascar, the fourth largest in the world, has unreal natural beauties and a unique flora and fauna, and is regarded by experts as a separate land form. There are more than 200 plant species on it, and there are 20 species of animals that do not exist elsewhere, which is a reason for the more serious development of classical and eco-tourism.

Most of the hotels are in Antananarivo, located in the central part of the island. Tourist resort in the west is Morondava, while it is somewhat northern Majunga or Mahajunga. However, the pearl of tourist offer is the smaller islands of St. Marie and Nusi Be, along the eastern and northwestern coast.

New Zealand


New Zealand, a relatively young island nation in the South Pacific, and Europe’s furthest human habitat on earth, has been an attractive destination for foreign tourists since this century. Earlier it was visited mainly by traders, globetrotters and some adventurers. Whoever loves the sea, whoever is eager to inhale the vapor of the airy salt water, should opt for a trip to New Zealand. Anyway, on any of its two main islands, North or South, and anywhere: no one, any city or village, is not far from the sea more than 110 kilometers!



They say Mauritius is a paradise on earth. Who can allocate enough money and time to travel to this island in 2018 will not regret it. You will enjoy in its natural beauty, because it is a land that has nestled in the Indian Ocean. It is located about 855 kilometers east of Madagascar and about 2,000 kilometers away from the east coast of Africa. The main and largest city is Port Louis, located on the west side of the island. The most famous tourist destinations are located on the northwestern and northern sides of the island, among which is the Grand Bay with a large number of hotels.



If you decide to travel to Asia, your travel plan must include Mongolia. Mongolia is a state known since the ancient times when, due to its harsh climate, it was inhabited exclusively by nomadic tribes of livestock. Today, Mongolia is one of the countries with the highest tourist potential, especially because of the tourist attractions that drive through the center of this Asian country. It is a well-known Trans-Siberian Railroad, whose good part extends through this country.


Boracay Island

If you didn’t know, Philippines have 2 of the best beach islands in the world, according to Travel and Leisure Magazine – Palawan and Boracay. Surprisingly, they surpass Santorini and Bali. So, if you prefer world class vacation in less-crowded place – Boracay definitely a place to go in 2018.

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