Top 6 Things to Do in Europe for Non-Drinkers

For most travelers, Europe is a dream destination. Some even have their bucket lists of things to do in Europe before they die. If you are an alcohol drinker, Europe might be an ideal place to visit considering the fact that people there are known to be great consumers of alcohol.

As a matter fact, in the recent report published by the World Health Organization, it was revealed that people in the European Union take in the most volume of alcohol compared to people from other parts of the world. To be more specific, they consume almost 9 liters or almost 30 glasses of alcohol per individual, per year.

If you are a non-drinker or if you don’t want to fall into the destructive patterns of alcohol abuse, there are still a lot of other things you can do to enjoy your Europe escapade.

Here are the top 20 things you can do in Europe without falling into alcohol abuse.

1. Enjoy sailing around the islands of Greece

You can check our Patmos, Santorini, and Mykonos. Aside from these islands, you can also visit Pano Koufonisi, Paros, and Antiparos. These islands have unspoiled beaches, rustic taverns, and a blissfully slow lifestyle.

2. Have fun taking an Amsterdam canal tour

Before you start your canal tour, make sure to take some fried herring with you. With the tour, you can see palatial townhouses with glamorous interiors and magnificently painted ceilings.

3. Try Vienna’s Einspänner

If you can’t drink, then try Einspänner instead. This is a double espresso crowned with home-made whipped cream and should be taken from a clear glass with some Viennese chocolate dripped on the side.

4. Enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower

Most people sip cocktails while marveling at the magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower. However, if you want to be totally alcohol-free on your Europe visit, you can simply sit at the rooftop terrace of your hotel or sit beneath the trellises and enjoy the view.

5. De-stress in the wonderful beaches of Montenegro

If you want to experience solitude or if you want to go soul-searching, the serene and uninhabited beaches of Montenegro is a great place to visit.

6. Go back in time in Athens

The Parthenon and the Acropolis are two of the most famous sites in Athens so don’t dare miss the chance to visit these places.

Aside from these 6 magnificent activities to enjoy, you can try out these activities as well:

  1. Visit Florence to get a better look at the magnificent sculpture of David.
  2. Explore the wonders and beauty of the Luxembourg Gardens
  3. Join Monaco’s Grand Prix
  4. Visit the museums of Paris and experience art first hand
  5. Take a walk down memory lane as you try a carriage ride in the old town of Kraków
  6. Enjoy the magnificence of the infamous Berlin Wall
  7. Shop for leather in Florence
  8. Visit and try rowing down Lake Bled
  9. Try taking a black taxi tour in Belfast
  10. Witness the burning of Valencia during Las Fallas
  11. Play the role of a royalty while living in the Scottish Highlands
  12. Try Rome’s authentic and delectable gelato!
  13. Enjoy the old school and funny ambiance and the food served at Rules, the oldest resto in London
  14. Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot as you play polo on the lakes of St. Moritz


Who said you would always need wine and beer to get the best out of life? With all these fun and exciting activities, you can totally avoid alcohol abuse and still have fun while touring Europe.


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