Dancing waves on the ocean stage with the slow breeze nourishing the brain and mesmerizing the instincts of appreciating the beauty of nature is, what is the trademark of the serene beauty of the parks and beaches of a city well famous for its attractions for tourists. From parks to museums and the famous CM tower everything has its unique value and endless itineraries for people of various tastes of tourism fascinations.

For everyone CM tower is the place equally attractive as it not only provides you with the adventure in the form of edge walk, where you can walk on a ledge approximately 365 meters above ground in a hands free style. Or you can have dinner or lunch while watching the city underneath your feet through a glass floor in a revolving restaurant there.


An internationally reputed museum well known for its artistic building style and construction is a must see place for anyone having interest in science and history, it is one of the largest museums in Canada and people from around the world come to visit this unique Royal Ontario museum.

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People having artistic touch in their personality tend to be attracted to the Ontario art gallery which has a well endowed gallery of art pieces from around the world especially Canada Europe and Africa. Multiple occasions are celebrated here throughout the year with same zeal and zest.

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Casa Loma is another mind boggling palace in Canada built for a very rich person named sir Henry Pellat, who had a dream of constructing a castle for him and at last he fulfilled his dream in such a perfect manner that now this castle is a museum as well as a wedding vanue for the rich to celebrate. Here is a handy guide to Casa Loma.

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Visiting extraordinary places in Toronto and forgetting to visit Ripley’s aquarium of Canada is not at all a good decision. This is the most beautiful places to visit by everyone and of all ages because this aquarium is designed as a huge tunnel with tons of water in it hence you are able to see sharks. Clown fish saw fish and many other marine varieties possible. It is the most interesting about the fact that clown fish can make you dance in no time.

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Relaxing in the peaceful islands of Toronto is itself a one in a million experience which one may never forget. The landscape and the peaceful environment not only relaxes you but also adds flavor to the recipe of life.

Peameal bacon sandwich is the must to eat foods in Toronto if you plan to visit Toronto despite many food options available. Toronto is Toronto is perfect for anyone who likes multicultural environment & cuisine. The city is full of great restaurants, bakeries and cafes – from Asian, Italian, French, Mexican or traditional Canadian to raw, vegan or vegetarian.

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Visiting Toronto is always a pleasurable experience in one’s life which cannot be forgotten but planning your tour before hand is a must tool so that you may not miss to enjoy the most renowned areas in Toronto.

Loved Toronto? Then you will enjoy Montreal for sure!

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