Greece is widely known for its fascinating beauty and interesting history. Sandy beaches, countless islands, ancient archaeological sites, and a Mediterranean climate make Greece a great tourist destination in Europe.

Here are top Greece tourist attractions!

  1. The Acropolis

Regarded as the main symbol of Greece and its capital, Athens, the Acropolis can be described as a rocky mound rising in the city of contemporary Athens, and crowned by incredible temples that date back to the 5th century BC. The most unique and known temple is the Parthenon, which consisted of 58 columns and adorned by fancy pediments. The design of the Parthenon and its rare embellishments make it an awe-inspiring sight. The Acropolis is one of the best Greece attractions that you ought to visit.

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  1. New Acropolis Museum
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When touring Greece, a major destination in your expedition is the New Acropolis Museum. Located in Athens, the New Acropolis Museum features the greatest collection of ancient sculptures and architecture such as the statue of goddess Athena. In addition to this, the New Acropolis Museum has five floors that exhibit over 4,000 different artefacts. Examples of permanent displays include the Athena Statue, Athena Nike, Parthenon Frieze, and Parthenon Gallery.

  1. National Garden
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Located at the center of Athens, the National Garden offers a green and beautiful oasis for afternoon trips. The garden features gorgeous trees and vibrant plant life, which are guaranteed to help you relax and offer you with the peace of mind. The garden is decorated with statues, small ruins of antiquity, and flowerbeds. The National Garden is one of Greece attraction sites that wouldn’t disappoint.

  1. Santorini

Santorini is probably the most dramatic island you will find in Greece. Santorini is famous for its cliff-top towns of Oia and Fira. These two towns are located on the west coast and created is such a way that they overlook the blue sea-filled caldera. Among top things to do in Santorini you can check: swimming at beaches on the east and south costs, sunbathing, and visiting the archeological site Akrotiri. Akrotiri is an old settlement buried under lava after a volcanic eruption that led to the caldera, over 3,000 years ago. For sure, Santorini is among top Greece tourist attractions!

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  1. Benaki Museum
Virgin, Studios Monastery in Constantinople, late 10th century, Benaki Museum, Athens
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Another one of the many Greece museums is the Benaki museum. The museum features items privately collected to showcase Greek history. If you are only able to visit one museum, then it has to be Benaki. This is because, it has everything from ancient Greece gathered together in one place for you to see. Some of the things you will find here include some pieces from the Greek Revolution, more ancient artifacts, and stunning samples of Greek folk art.
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  1. The National Archeological Museum of Athens
National Archaeological Museum of Athens
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If you are archeologist or have had dreams of becoming one, then you should tour the National Archeological Museum. Different from other Greece museums, the Archeological Museum of Athens is highly dedicated to satisfying individuals in search of an archeological adventure. Inside the museum, you will find a collection of incredibly-looking artifacts from all over Greece such as armor and weapons from some of the biggest battles in Greece, gold from Ancient Mycenae, and normal daily use tools from the old days.

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  1. Mycenae
Replica of the Mask of Agamemnon
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Situated about 50 miles from the city of Athens, exploring Mycenae is a very common day trip from the City of Gods. Due to its rich history, Mycenae is among the many Greece attractions that are a must visit for history lovers out there. Some great things you are likely to see here include the tomb of Clytemnestra, the Palace of Agamemnon, and the famous Lion’s Gate.

  1. Plaka
Athens - Plaka from Acropolis Plaka is known as the restaurant and entertainment district of Athens.
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If you are lucky to visit Athens while in Greece, then you can’t afford not taking a stroll around the beautiful alleys of Plaka. Plaka is undoubtedly the most fascinating area in the city of Athens. With its appealing neoclassical houses with red-tiled roofs, Plaka district offers its explorers with an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, and interesting museums like Athens University Museum and the Jewish Museum of Greece.

  1. Mount Lycabettus
Greece tourist attractions
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Mount Lycabettus offers an incredible experience for those in search of a romantic evening or a stunning panoramic view of the city of Athens. Being the highest point in Athens, Mount Lycabettus allows explorers to see across the Aegean Seat and the Attica basin. From the peak of the mountain, you are also able to see the chapel of St. George. Climbing to the peak of Mount Lycabettus is one of the many Greece fun things to do.

  1. Syntagma Square
Guarding the tomb of the unknown solder, at the Greek Paliament Square.
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If you are a history lover and happen to visit Athens, the Syntagma Square is a place that you can’t afford not to check out. The most-known characteristic of the square is the Evzonoi’s, Changing of the Guards Ceremony that took place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Most historical events have taken place at the Syntagma Square including several political functions. Apart from the Hellenic Parliament building, other key interests here are the historic hotels George II and Grande Bretagne.

  1. Agora
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The Greek word “Agora” can be translated to mean “gather and orate”. So, as its name suggests, Agora was the main marketplace in ancient Athens. It was the place of commerce and administration. In addition to this, major sports and athletic activities took place there. As a tourist, you will find a lot of Greece fun things to do at the Agora. For instance, you can see the Agora ruins, take a walk to the Agora Hill, or visit the Temple of Hephaistos.

  1. Byzantine Museum
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Another one of Greece museums is the Byzantine Museum. This museum focuses on showcasing the Byzantine period of Greek history through art. The museum displays over 25,000 artifacts from the Byzantine period and also treasures from the early medieval, Christian, and post-Byzantine times. The collection here includes paintings, icons, mosaics, sculptures, and textiles. There are a lot of things to see at the Byzantine Museum.

  1. Delphi
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Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, Delphi has a lot to offer for those in search of Greece fun things to do. Located on the lower side of Mt. Parnassus, Delphi was a sacred place, where pilgrimages came to worship the god of prophecy, healing, and light, Apollo. Delphi is made up of crumbling ruins of ancient temples, stadiums, and theaters, which date back to the 8th century.

  1. Mykonos
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Mykonos is one of the most glamorous Greece attractions. Mykonos Town is widely known for its classy seafood restaurants and chic hotels. Other attractions in the town include several sandy beaches and Paraportiani, a whitewashed church. Mykonos would be ideal for you if you are in search of an after-dark activity to indulge in.

  1. Monastiraki
Greece tourist attractions
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Monastiraki is regarded as one of the main shopping centers in Athens. Monastiraki is home to souvenir shops, boutiques, and stores. In addition to this, Monastiraki is regarded as one of Greece attractions for bargain shopping. During the weekends, you can come to this place to do your antique shopping. While here, you can take a break in one of the many restaurants and cafes around the area.

  1. Temple of Olympian Zeus
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Being the largest temple in Greece, the Temple of Olympian Zeus has a long history behind it. Its construction started in the 6th century BC during the reign of the Athenian tyrants. However, construction stopped and was later completed after the Roman Emperor Hadrian came to power in the 2nd century AD. Originally, the temple had 104 columns but only 15 remain standing. Despite this, this temple is still a major tourist attraction site. For sure, it’s among top Greece tourist attractions.

  1. The Museum of Cycladic Art
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The Museum of Cycladic Art pays showcases prehistoric forms designed in the Cycladic Islands. These ancient figures resemble various forms of contemporary art, and it’s quite surprising that they are over four thousand years old. In addition to this, the museum features showcases current travelling exhibits, a space for studying and drawing, and also a minimalist and chic café.

  1. Battleship Averof Naval Museum
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Yet another one of top Greece museums is the Battleship Averof Naval Museum. This destination is ideal for anyone that wants to get out of the city to enjoy some little sea air. This Naval Museum offers a special feel as it is not only located in a battleship, but also on water. The ship is open for exploration and while inside, you will gain a lot of information in regards to how it was ran and its escapades.

  1. Museum of the History of Greek Costume

In this small but attractive museum, you can view various types of Greek costumes from the ancient times. The costumes here are authentic and beautiful to observe and admire. The costumes are collected from different parts of Greece and include some copies of ancient Byzantine and Minoan costumes used during the early times. Apart from this, you can view costumes worn during celebrated dance performances which took place in various countries.

  1. Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Greece tourist attractions
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Located in the Southwest part of the Acropolis of Athens, Herodes Atticus’ Odeon is an incredible tourist destination. It is a stone structure that was constructed in 161 AD by Herodes Atticus as a remembrance of his spouse, Aspasia Regilla. Originally, it was used for holding music concerts. However, it was later destroyed. Since then, the Odeon has become the main venue of the Athens Festival. Visiting the Herodes Atticus is one of the many Greece fun things to do.

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