A visit to Spain would be incomplete without a well spent trip to Barcelona and especially more so if you are a team Barca football fan. ⚽⚽⚽

Nevertheless, a traveler seeking new pastures to explore must visit Barcelona which is in itself, a city at par with the state Capital Madrid as well as the heart of Catalonian culture. Barcelona’s unique character as a conflux of tradition and modernity earmarks it as a major global city and one of tourist centres of Europe.

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Here are top 20 places (attractions, museums and amazing places) to visit in Barcelona from museuly.

1) Camp Nou

If you are an avid football fan, then this is your starting point. Camp Nou is the largest football stadium in all of Europe as well as the second largest association football stadium in the world. Being the Home Stadium of FC Barcelona, it has relics associated with the history of the team as well as the countless matches played here since its inception. One can walk through the changing rooms, marvel at legacies of the trophy room and get a feel of the entire stadium from the commentary box. There is also a special section dedicated to Lionel Messi. If you seek a hassle free trip, the best option is to book tickets online to avoid lengthy queues at the booth. Tickets start at $35 upwards.

2) Sagrada Familia

Sangrada Familia Barcelona

One of the most curious monuments on earth is this minor basilica that has remained unfinished for over a century; its work still in progress! Its neo-gothic architecture based on Antoni Gaudi’s designs is an ongoing project of interpretation and innovation. The church is a complex interlock of geometrical designs. A site well worth a visit for art enthusiasts. Tickets with a tour guide can be booked online and can offer you a chance to visit the upper levels of the structure.

3) Gaudi Exhibition Center

Gaudí Exhibition Center is the first point of the Barcelona Gaudí route. To learn about the life and work of this genius architect, a visit to the exhibition Walking with Gaudí is essential. Extensive collection reveals his enormous creativity and imagination as well as the revolutionary ideas that made him a genius among geniuses.

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4) Museu Picasso

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Housing the world’s most extensive and complete collections of the great Spanish artist’s masterpieces, this museum has a lot of value to offer. The museum is itself housed within five medieval Catalonian Palaces. Tickets can be booked onsite as well as via guided tours that will take you through some of the places he had lived, worked and drew inspiration from in his lifetime.

5) Casa Milà

Casa Mila Barcelona

Another of Gaudi’s work of artists is this Modernist-style building that goes beyond the narrow confines of standard art and geometry. Its rough undulating shape earns it its nickname “La Pedrera” (rough quary). Its interiors are well worth a visit and makes one wonder what was going on within Gaudi’s fantastic head as he conceptualized this monumental one-of-a-kind UNESCO World Heritage site.

6) Palau de la Música Catalana

Flickr: p_valdivieso /Creative Commons /

Immerse yourself in the world of classic European music with a visit to this grandiose concert hall. Just like most other prominent structures in Barcelona, this hall is designed in the Catalan Modernista style; giving you the chance to always expect something new and extraordinary in its fine details. Apart from the regular jazz and chamber music, watch out for traditional Catalonian Cançó music. Make sure you book your tickets well in advance. Tickets range around the $50 mark.

7) Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo park Barcelona

Amusement parks are a common occurrence in most tourism-friendly places, yet what can be a more unique and memorable experience for you and your family, than a visit to one of the world’s oldest functioning amusing parks; well over a century years old! Tickets can be booked on sight and do not require pre-booking. A confirmation of your child’s height in necessary to be allowed into the park.

8) Aquarium Barcelona

Flickr: martinpilat /Creative Commons /

Barcelona’s Port Well Harbor features a fantastic aquarium with a diverse range of aquatic life on exhibition. The aquarium also includes a classic shark tunnel. Tickets can be booked on site.

9) Montserrat

Montserrat monastery Spain

Montserrat is Spain’s first and prime National Park. A lovely mountain range offering fabulous views of the environs, this place is worth visiting especially in favorable climate. One can enjoy the best vibes Barcelona has to offer, as well as tread on its hiking trails all the way up to the summit. The Mountain also has an old abbey dedicated to Virgin Santa Maria of Montserrat.

10) Poble Espanyol

Flickr: arg0s /Creative Commons /

This one of a kind open-air museum is dedicated to classic Iberian architecture, housing replicas of structures from across the region. It also features regular carnivals and festivals; a good getaway for families during the right seasons. The entire site is a throwback to classic Spanish villages. Tickets are cheap and can be booked onsite.

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11) La Barceloneta

Flickr: enriquefreire /Creative Commons /

A perfect place to relax yourself by the Mediterranean coast, this neighborhood has everything to meet your needs: a beach, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants. If you feel hungry, head out to La Champaneria, which provides cheap cava and delicious tacos.

12) Fundació Joan Miró

This hilltop museum on Montjuic hill honors the works of contemporary artist Joan Miro. IT provides a venue for local artists to interact, exchange ideas and develop contemporary art forms. The exhibit features the best of Miros works.

13) Monastery of Pedralbes

Flickr: ok-apartment /Creative Commons /

A beautiful 14th Century Gothic Monastery, now a museum, it houses breath-taking frescoes and popular collections of art. It was built to house the nunnery of the Order de Saint Claire. The monastery has a beautiful garden as well as tombs and other relics from the past.

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14) FC Barcelona museum

Flickr: zoetnet /Creative Commons /

Barca fans have a reason to visit this museum. IT includes a collection of almost all the trophies ever one by the team, apart from a 3d cinema, audio-visual interactive screen and an information centre. What is even more unusual is its exhibition of works of art by important artists such as Salvador Dali and Miro. Museums passes cost around $35 and can be booked online as well.

15) Maritime Museum of Barcelona

Flickr: luc-mechelen /Creative Commons /

Housed in an ancient arsenal is the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. This port-side museum provides important information on Spain’s long standing maritime history hearkening to its days as a Naval Superpower. Much of the original 13th century structure has still been preserved to date. One of the most awe-inspiring exhibits at this museum is the full-sized replica of Juan of Austria’s Royal Galley.

16) Barcelona Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral is the most important religious structure in Catalonia and the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona. This Gothic structure is dedicated to Saint Eulalia. The Cathedral is of immense historical significance and houses some rare artifacts. It’s beautiful facade is heavily decorated with gargoyles in the shape of grinning creatures and animals.

17) Parc de la Ciutadella

Flickr: whyld /Creative Commons /

As Barcelona’s central park, it includes lush green spaces, a zoo, lake, a large fountain, a museum dedicated to natural history as well as Cataln’s seat of Parliament. The 70-acre site provides ample grounds and promenades for a leisurely stroll amongst trees and well laid flower beds.

18) Casa Batlló

Flickr: foto_olio /Creative Commons /

Nowhere on Earth can you possibly get to see a building with a roof shaped liked a dragon’s spine. This unique building resembles a structure made out of bones and is another of Antoni Gaudi’s famous masterpieces. The building has a sculpted exterior as well as details embedded using mosaic tiles. It has an unusual loft that is said to resemble a dragon’s ribcage. A place worth a visit for Art Nouveau enthusiasts.

19) Plaça Reial

Flickr: arg0s /Creative Commons /

Plaça Reial is the central square of Barcelona and is famous for its nightlife. It has exuberant nightclubs such as Karma, Sidecar and Jamboree. Watch out for the La Mercè festival that takes place here annually if you wish to have a real insight into Catalan Culture on display. The festivities commence a few days before the 24th of September on this square. The Catalan Wine Fair, street artists as well as the teetering display of human towers (locally known as Castellers) are some of the unique attractions of this event.

20) Montjuïc Castle

Flickr: 104082864@N04 /Creative Commons /

A daytime visit to the Montjuïc Castle atop Montjuïc hill can assure you a view of the spectacular medieval castle ramparts in all its glory. The castle has witnessed historic battles and has also been used to imprison and torture prisoners for nearly three centuries of its gory past. The castle can be accessed via cable car. It houses a museum today. The Montjuïc cable car tickets cost around $12 and offer panoramic views of the surroundings.

21) Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is a short distance from the Poble Espanyol. The best times to visit this fountain is at night when it erupts in al its glory of light , water and audio. Weekend visits are recommended as the site becomes host to regular half-hourly musical performances of popular genres.


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