Travel has long been not just packing the bags and a departure to a specific destination for 10 or 15 days. Travel can be organized in different ways and in different styles. That is why every year many tourism companies point to the trends that they have previously determined to be current in the coming years. The top 10 travel trends for 2018 will be shown here.

1. A new experience

Sunset - Ko Lanta / Thailand
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Many passengers will want to leave the comfort zone in 2018 and discover some new destinations. An unforgettable experience will be the primary goal of the traveler, and visiting one of the world’s wonders, exotic islands and destinations with thematic parks are the right places to achieve this goal. In addition, traveling to places with authentic unique cuisine, such as China or Thailand, are also what travelers will want in 2018.

2. Travel to colder destinations

Chugach Mountains, Alaska
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Although at first glance it seems that most of the passengers prefer a heavenly paradise with a constant temperature of 30 degrees, sandy beaches and a turquoise sea, in 2018, the completely opposite trend is the current: the journey to colder destinations. Great adventurers will want to visit the Arctic and Antarctica while cruiser-lovers will travel to Alaska.

3. Travel to the Middle East

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In recent years, the Middle East has become one of the fastest growing tourist destinations. The Middle East is a completely different destination than everything you’ve seen and a destination that will delight everyone. Although Palestine is the most visited to date, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and other countries in the region are also very interesting to tourists.

4. Travel inspired by pop culture

Yekaterinburg will be hosting several Football matches in 2018 as the World Cup will be in Russia
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In 2018, the largest number of passengers will find the inspiration for travel in television shows, shows, sports and social networks. Reading blogs, watching recommendations and music videos on YouTube will also create travel ideas. Those who are the lovers of the Game of the Throne series want to travel to Iceland, and fans of football will travel to Russia for the World Cup.

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5. The beauty of Africa

Elephants - Serengeti National Park safari - Tanzania, Africa
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Africa is one of the most diverse continents, so it is not surprising that an increasing number of tourists are attracted each year. In 2018, every part of Africa will be very popular: from southern Africa rich in culture to the wilderness of Botswana, the beautiful Morocco and Seychelles. As safari is unavoidable when traveling to Africa, travelers who decide this year to visit this continent will definitely want to be part of this unforgettable adventure.

6. Travel to the past

Although travelers on every trip want to visit a new destination and gain new experiences, in 2018 many travelers will want to visit a place from their childhood to refresh their memories and explore the destination in a new way. The popularity of these trips stems from the nostalgia of travelers who regard memories of family trips as the most beautiful.

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7. Healthy trips

Travelers mostly want to experience various adventures, get to know different cultures, history and different cuisines. However, in 2018 there will be popular travels with a completely different purpose. Passengers will want to travel no place where they can improve their health. These include all trips and destinations where you can hike, walk, go to spa centers, practice yoga, meditation. Or maybe ride a bike from France to China!

8. Traveling on a budget

A large number of passengers mostly base their travel on financial possibilities. In 2018, this trend will be even more visible when travelers want to get acquainted with exchange rates and economic climate, calculate travel costs ahead of time, in the destination they want to go before they travel. Additionally, travelers increasingly want to travel in their own arrangement, and save some money while traveling.

9. Family travels

Family trips are equally popular every year, so that 2018 leisure trips will be one of the popular tourist trends. Such journeys serve mainly for getting closer to family members, and besides wanting to take a break, many travelers with the family want an important date on the trip.

10. Adventure with friends

Traveling is perhaps the most beautiful and the best when traveling with people who are especially dear to you, whom you know for a long time and with whom you are friends. In 2018 a large number of passengers will want to travel with their friends. Going to a new adventure is the best way to build a friendship.

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