Europe is the place for couples who need some time away from long hours and an escape from reality. We believe that valentine’s day is a day made for the people you care about, it is the perfect opportunity to bring gifts, let loose and indulge in your favourite foods and treats. The fondest memories are created abroad and in desirable weather, you’ll see sparks and feel a ray of colours during your one-to-one time with your lucky lover that’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite 10 places to take your other half this valentines day. It’s time to pack your weekend bags, scarfs or shades sit back and relax whilst we take you on this blissful journey.


Let’s start off at the city of love and romance, Paris. Nothing says romantic quite like a nice stroll with your other half and taking in all the gorgeous sights and landscapes, how about a mouthwatering dinner in the finest French restaurants that offer those aphrodisiacs. Steal a kiss on the Eiffel tower and watch the lights come alive in the city at night time, visiting museums should definitely be on your bucket list, with the works of Vincent Van Gogh being shown in the famous Louvre and Musée d’Orsay. Make your journey in Paris a memorable one.

Paris Valentines Day


Salzburg, the birthplace of the influential composer Mozart is up next on our list. With incredible views of the Eastern Alps, Salzburg delivers intimacy at its finest. Every couple deserves to experience the cobblestone streets and the exquisite gardens at Mirabell Palace that feature statues of the Roman gods, amazing greenery and famous fountains. No visit is complete without stopping at the atmospheric cafes for its sublime coffees and dessert, the many cathedrals and getting lost in the old town and experiencing the culture that Salzburg has to offer.

Salzburg - travel on Valentines Day


Venice is the ideal place to go to for all things cute and cliche. You can’t deny the authenticity of this captivating city with the picturesque canal sides and cathedrals you’ll be able to relax with your special someone whilst enjoying all the touristy activities. Take a gondola ride and sail down the grand canal taking you into the heart of the city lined with incredible renaissance and gothic architecture.

Venice is famous for its delicious Venetian cuisine with many restaurants catering in seafood all sourced locally, I would suggest trying the Baccala Mantecato, a typical staple in the Veneto region.

Venice Travel - Valentines Day


Prague has something romantic for everyone, it offers couples ample love and affection in many ways, stroll through Petrin Park bursting with magnificent views for a lovely and quiet picnic. Sit under a blossoming cherry tree perhaps? Why not lock in your love at the lock bridge over at the canal in Mala Strana a way to leave one of your most treasured memories behind.

Enjoy a glass of wine or two over at Vinicni Atan and perch yourself on the terrace and glance over at the remarkable vineyards. A boat trip over a canal would be a cherished experience, viewing the city’s architecture over the water and sailing under the Charles bridge all with live piano music to make this trip an everlasting one.

Prague - travel on Valentines Day


The alluring city of Rome, be sure to visit the phenomenal lanes, parks and museums. Visit the Trastevere arm in arm for a leisurely stroll to view the authenticity of the Roman culture, the ambience in the daytime is rather soothing and ideal to get away from other tourists, a perfect getaway. I would recommend visiting the Trevi Fountain to see the lovely architecture, perhaps even make a wish!

Other landmarks to consider visiting would be the famous Colosseum, St. Peters Basilica and the Roman Forum for the historical art and culture. Take your loved one to the Villa Borghese Park for a romantic picnic to take in the aesthetic scenery. Buon Appetito! Try the famous Bianca pizza found locally in many bakeries, light, fluffy and crispy. Rome is the ideal place to find many hidden gems and sensational sunsets.

Rome on a Valentines Day!


Seville, the magnificent city to spend time with your special companion, with many hidden gems like the Aire de Sevilla for a relaxing dip in the pools of the Arabic baths. Famous for its casual tapas bars, there are also many sit down restaurants and delicious fine dining places if you’re thinking about impressing your other half.

The Santa Cruz neighbourhood is a must visit if you’re in Seville, with many gently lit squares perfect for getting intimate and stumbling across flamenco guitar players is always a plus. If you want to go the extra mile, wind back in time and tour the city in a horse-drawn carriage as you clip-clop through the cobblestone streets.

Seville for a Valentines Day


Copenhagen, there is nothing more romantic than discovering new sights and hidden wonders together. Stop off at the incredible garden inside the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, you can admire the plant kingdom in the glasshouse or the well-detailed sculptures, this museum features different art from international and Danish collections. Partner up and hire a paddle boat out onto the boating lake in Frederiksberg perfect for some one-to-one time. Make your childhood dreams come true and visit the Rosenborg Slot, there aren’t many fairytale castles that look like this one surrounding the gardens is the King’s Gardens, one of Copenhagen’s most attractive parks.

Copenhagen - on a Valentines Day


As much as we all do appreciate warm weather and a nice pair of shades, this one’s for the couples who appreciate the ice! Reykjavik is an outstanding city with many stupendous views and experiences. It is a tremendous place for any honeymoon, anniversary or in this case Valentine’s day. Be prepared to bring a warm jacket, if you’re looking for a romantic candlelit dinner, then Reykjavik is the place for it, with seafood being its staple you’ll find a range of delicious fishes and crabs to suit your fancy.

One of the 25 wonders of the world is located right here, in Iceland. Plan your visit to the famous Blue Lagoon, the unreal geothermal water is the oasis of comfort and relaxation for yourself and your partner this would be an unforgettable experience. Other sights to consider visiting would be the Thingvellir National Park (perfect for the views of the northern lights), Strokkur and the Gullfoss waterfall.


The Austrian capital, Vienna is the ultimate European city break. There are many romantic things to discover with your other half, wind down and embrace the many coffee houses that Vienna is proud of, a trip into the city is never complete without trying out the different chocolates, baked goods and cakes! Explore the gardens of Schloss Schönbrunn, one of Vienna’s most popular sights take in the baroque architecture or even confess your love by the fountains. If you’re a couple who enjoys taking in all the art a city has to offer, head to the Belvedere in Vienna the historic building consists of two Baroque palaces, the Orangery, and the Palace Stables.


Last but never least, the astonishing city of Valletta, Malta. Take your lover to view the sunset scenery over at St George’s Bay or visit St. Johns Co-Cathedral it is one of the finest high baroque architecture. The privately owned palace in Casa Rocca Piccola is a living museum to a knight of Malta, Don Pietro La Rocca check out the fine paintings and documents dating back to the 17th century.

The Valletta waterfront is home to all things romantic, have a bite to eat or just soak up the warm weather along the harbour. Create an itinerary and put the Upper Barrakka Gardens as your go to, the renowned park offers stupendous views and the chance to discover significant statues created by one of Malta’s best-known sculptors, Antonio Sciortino.  


There we have it, folks, we hope our guide has helped you find an unforgettable place to take your other half this valentines day. Remember no matter where you are, whether it’s pouring down with rain or if you’re even sat on the sofa with a bottle of wine. It’ll always be special with the person who means most to you.


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