The capital city of Italy, Rome is a place that lives in the modern world, but no other town or city in the whole world evokes its history so powerfully. For over 2,000 years now, popes, emperors, artists, and common individuals have left a mark in this city. Ancient archaeological sites including art-stuffed churches plus the famous Vatican City draw the attention of millions of people from all over the globe.

Rome is just an incredible place to be, overflowing with numerous things to do and see. If you are planning to visit this romantic and inspiring city, here is a travel guide that we will help you get around with ease.

When to Visit Rome

The best time to visit Rome is from April to May. September is also a great time. You should avoid visiting here in the depths of summer, when there is a lot of heat and large crowds of people, making the place unbearable. August is a month that you should avoid completely as this is when all Italians seem to be on vacation. Major tourist attractions are usually overcrowded and insecurity quite on the rise during this period.

How Much Will It Cost to Visit Rome

Rome is a great and famous city. Therefore, taking a vacation here is a little expensive. Nevertheless, there are many ways you can explore this beautiful city on a budget. Hence, we recommend that you budget €30 -€60 on a daily basis. This is if you are working on a tight budget. This will depend on a lot of things but it is good to consider over-budgeting so as to be safe.

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How to Get Around Rome

The public transportation network, ATAC offers only two metro lines. Despite this, there are numerous trams and buses that you can use to get around the city. One ATAC ticket lasts up to 100 minutes and costs just $1.70. If you want a 20-hour pass, you will have to pay $7.89.
You can find taxis at designated taxi stands and walking around the city is quite easy.

Where to Stay In Rome

If you would like to enjoy Rome, we highly recommend that you consider living in a hotel close to the city, where you can just walk out into the heart of the city. Although this might be a bit expensive, it is worth it.
Some budget accommodation places include: Four Seasons Hostel, Funny Palace Rome Hostel, and Legend RG Hostel. Some fancy and luxurious accommodation include: Tango Hotel, NH Collection Roma Giustiniano, and Hotel Dei Mellini.

What and Where to Eat

You can never go hungry while in Rome. There are hundreds of good places to eat here. Most of these places have outdoor seating and provide a menus with dishes like pasta, chicken, pizza, veal, and sea foods. The food here is usually delicious, fresh, and simply-made. Even those restaurants that seem like tourist traps will still offer good and enough food.
Some cool eating spots include: Angelina a Trevi, La Pergola, La Carbonara, Fish Market Trastevere, and Gelato at Giolitti

Local Laws and Etiquette

Taking alcohol and walking bare-chested in the streets of Rome is considered wrong. For the dress code in churches, the shoulders and midriffs ought to be covered and a modest dress is recommended for ladies. Short skirts and dresses are frowned on by locals. The same reaction is given for men wearing vests and short shorts.
Italians are very courteous and always say hello and goodbye when in social situations. This includes when entering or leaving bars, shops, markets, etc. Some as simple as Ôbuon giornoÕ in the morning goes a long way. If an individual gives thanks to you by saying ÔgrazieÕ, you should reply by saying ÔpregoÕ to mean  you are welcome.

What to See and Do While In Rome

Here are some fun ways to spend your time while in Rome:
– Wander Around The Colosseum
Although this place is usually crowded with lots of tourists, it is still worth your visit. It is now 2,000 years old and was once the largest amphitheater in the whole Roman Empire.
It is opened at 8:30am and one needs to pay €12 entrance fee.

– See The Vatican City

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Don’t leave Rome without visiting the magnificent site of the Vatican City. This is a site that you can spend a half a day exploring. While here, you will get a chance to see the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and fascinating museums.
The entrance fee here is €16.
– Explore Trastevere

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This is a favorite place for many people touring Rome. It has winding alleys that provide perfect spots to take memorable pictures. In addition to this, you can find wonderful food to eat after a long stroll around the place.
The site is loved for its authentic Roman feel.
– Visit The Forum and Palatine Hill

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While in Rome, you can’t afford not to check out the seat of Ancient Rome, where the Roman Empire was administered from.
Next to the Forum is the Palatine Hill. This is where Roman aristocracy lived. Admission here is also €12.
You could consider combining a visit to the Colosseum and this two places.

– Get a Glimpse of the Trevi Fountain

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The Trevi Fountain provides a perfect chilling spot for couples travelling to Rome. This is because it offers an ideal place for taking romantic pictures.
While here, remember to throw two coins into the fountain Ð one to return to Rome and the other one for love.
The best time to visit this place is before lunch, when there are not so many people.

Other Things to See and Do:

– Explore art museums
– Take cooking classes
– Visit Castel Sant Angelo
– Check out Ostia Antica
– Explore the Pantheon
Cycle outside of Rome


As seen in this article, Rome is undoubtedly, a great tourist destination. The city receives millions of tourists every single year from all over the world. These individuals come to view its stunning art and architecture as they learn about its interesting history.
A trip to this city can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for first-time visitors. With the information provided in this article, you should have an easier time uncovering Rome and discovering its glory.


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