A Weekend in Byron Bay: Things to Do & See

If you’re looking for a chill but fun place that will welcome you for a weekend, look no further than Byron Bay. This little beachside town is full of different things to do, see, drink, eat and experience…you’ll barely get to cram everything into one weekend! Here are just a few things you must not miss out on.

1. Enjoy the beach

Sure, you must visit the Byron Bay’s Main Beach, but there are so many other beaches locals try to keep a secret. Actually, some of the best beaches are never discovered by tourists. So, don’t be a noob and take a stroll to Wategos and Tallows Beach. Pack a few tasty sandwiches and some refreshment, and spend a relaxing day at one of these hidden gems.

2. Water sports

No matter how skilful you are in the water, you mustn’t leave Byron Bay without at least trying to surf! Byron offers many different surfing lessons and tours fit for both total beginners and those with some experience on the surfboard. If you prefer something a little more steady, you can opt for a kayak trip and paddle with dolphins. If you’re lucky, you can even see a humpback whale or two, especially from May to October!

3. Visit the lighthouse

things to do in Byron Bay

When in Byron Bay, you must take a walk to Australia’s most easterly point and enjoy the sunset from the lighthouse. The walk itself is super relaxing and scenic with amazing views and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. It’s only a 45-minute walk away from Main Beach and it’s fit for all ages and fitness levels. Even better, look for cheap car hire and catch these picturesque sceneries each on a different spot. On your way back, make sure to take a little detour to the Fisherman’s Lookout, especially in the morning when you can watch early-bird surfers catch the best waves!

4. Bargain at the market

People of Byron Bay are very creative and artsy and so are their markets. So, take some time to explore their fun markets like the Byron Bay Artisan and the Byron Bay Farmer’s Market! The first is open on Saturday nights, while the second welcomes customers every Thursday morning. Try some local products or get a great price of amazing souvenirs to take home from your trip.

5. Explore nature

byron bay australia - things to do

Sure, Byron Bay has long been the top destination for beach lovers, but those that prefer a different kind of nature will also love the area. Its mild weather all-year-round makes Byron Bay perfect for hiking and camping. Camping will bring you closer to nature, get you familiar with wildlife and allow you to Zen out and practice your mindfulness! So, grab your quality camping and outdoor gear and you’ll get to see and experience Byron from a whole new perspective. And, bring some good walking shoes, because you’ll definitely want to go exploring!

6. Meet animals at The Farm

Just outside Byron Bay, there’s a huge co-operative farm that’s home to people and businesses that want to grow some tasty food, raise animals and educate the public. The best thing about the whole project is the ability to hang out with animals you never get the chance to see in the city. You can also stop and grab an organic meal, buy some fresh produce and learn about eco-friendliness and healthy lifestyle.

7. Party, party, party!

Byron is full of great little pubs and amazing nightclubs even though it’s quite a small town. No matter the night of the week, you can always stumble upon some live music and get an exclusive listen of local talents and potential future superstars. Also, Australia is known for its amazing craft beer and cider, so make sure to grab some with you!

So, pack your bags and your camping gear and prepare to have a super fun weekend at Byron Bay. You’ll enjoy it so much, that you’ll want to make it your regular weekend getaway!


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