For fans of the theater, no vacation is complete without taking in at least a couple of shows. There’s something uniquely special about the chance to experience the best of local theater that provides a deeper insight into the city you are visiting, as well as allowing you a few hours to sit back, relax, and be thoroughly entertained.


However, while most cities will have at least a few theaters, there are some cities that have garnered a reputation for going above and beyond when it comes to delighting theater-loving visitors. If you’re determined to ensure that your next vacation also provides the opportunity to see some of the best shows, at the best theaters, in the world, then here’s where you need to be heading.


#1 – New York City

New York Theatre

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It would be absolutely impossible to discuss the best of worldwide theater without mentioning New York, which is home – of course – to Broadway and the incredible Theater District. By visiting the city and finding NYC tickets for productions, you’ll have the chance to see some of the greatest shows in the world, immerse yourself in the bright lights, and soak up the atmosphere of a true theater lover’s paradise.


#2 – London

As with NYC, it’s impossible for us not to mention London when discussing the best theater destinations in the world. The city’s West End is second only to Broadway in terms of reputation, making it a must-visit for any theater fan. A visit to London provides you with the chance to visit a range of different theaters and see a host of shows ranging from the globally-famous to the little-known, niche, and critically acclaimed.


#3 – Edinburgh

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The Scottish capital may not have a recognizable district known to theater lovers throughout the world, but it is home to a very special event: the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Known locally as simply “the Fringe”, the festival – which is usually held in August of each year – offers a plethora of options for theater lovers, with the entire city effectively coming to a standstill in order to appreciate the best of the arts.


#4 – Toronto

Toronto’s theater district may not have received the plaudits of Broadway and the West End, but it’s still absolutely worth the visit. Perhaps the best known of all the theaters in the area is the Royal Alexandra Theater. The “Royal Alex” – as it is known – has a rich history, but the entire district is sure to delight any theater aficionado.


#5 – Tokyo

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The Japanese capital does not have what would be recognized as a “theater district”, but nevertheless can provide a diverse, enthralling range of options to visitors. From traditional Kabuki theater to more modern productions, Tokyo will never disappoint theater lovers, and the lack of a dedicated “district” ensures that you’re sure to be able to find a show to see close to wherever you choose to stay.


In conclusion


All five of the cities mentioned above are a great choice if you’re looking for a theater experience you’ll never forget, so the only question that remains is: which are you going to visit first?


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