Wallonia hosted the battle of the bulge, one of the worst battles that ever happen in the western front. Now it is the home for arguably the best war museum dedicated to the very renowned battle of bulge.

For over seven years ago, the towns of Bastogne, Ardennes and other villages around turned sore as a result of the bloody battle between the Germans and Americans. Though today, things seems to have gone back to normal, trees looked to have grown back, buildings restored and the green vegetation appears to have recovered from the effects of these bloody battle but one thing still remain, the memory. To fully have an idea of this bloody battle, you need to pay the Bastogne war museum a visit.

With a visit to this museum, I am quite certain that you will be impressed with the way the various entities, stories, exhibits and elements are perfectly blended to make for a perfect illustration of the battle. You will discover that this museum will give you a welcoming and very encouraging thrill into discovering the country’s very tragic period in the history.

Taking a walk through this museum, you will find that you will not just be seeing a set of display but an experience designed by the curators to walk you through the period before the war to the period after the war. The museum futures four different perspective of the war story as told by four different personalities teaching the most important lesson that each side have a different view of the war.

Also the museum also houses many artifacts recovered from the battlefield and war, some of those artifacts includes the collection of weapons used for the war, Mussolini signature, just to mention a few of them.

This museum is designed in such a way that visitors are being introduced and taken through the major phases before, during and after the war from the May 1940’s invasion, the September 1944 liberation although to the end of the war in 1945.  The designers were able to capture and create a powerful effect of hundreds of residents of Bastogne and soldiers who fought in the war. The museum is equipped with 3D multi-sensorial to give visitors the feeling of being in the midst of the war itself.  Also, apart from the objects from the war that are displayed and the 3D experience, clips, interviews and films from the war are displayed to give the visitors a firsthand experience of the war, in the museum, you will also see a hospital where wounded soldiers are being cared for. The feeling is so real that a visitors will also witness a bombing experience, so real that the typical war noise is also heard. Across the road is the Bastogne barracks, another historical center is the vehicle restoration center which houses several military vehicles used during the war.

The museum opens from 10am to 5pm everyday except for Mondays, and 10 am to 7pm every day from July to august. And the gate fee is $11 but it is free for children younger than six.

Without doubt this museum is a must see for you, the enormous amount of history displayed through the eyes of different(four) persons gives the best overview of the events leading to and through the civil war laying emphasis on the role Belgium play in the war and the battle of bulge a very significant battle during the war. Experience the ultimate war experience today, including all the unheard history and stories of the way, purchase a ticket to this museum.



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