What Can Motivate You?

What can motivate you?


“Going an extra mile” simply translates to “making a special effort to achieve something.”


On some days, the surrounding might seem just stagnant. The day starts, and whatever you do, it seems almost impossible to come out of a rut. It is not before long that one might begin to wonder why even put the effort.


That is when you need to go the extra mile, to be driven to find the silver lining and push yourself to fight hard every single day. Whether it is in personal life or a job, everyone needs that inspiration to overcome any obstacles and be exceptional.


From our scour on how to find the motivation, here is what we came up with to boost your mood.

  1. Find the Factor


The first thing is to meditate on the reason to go that extra mile. And the one common and the most significant factor for it is to feel good about oneself. It all comes down to feeling happy at the end of the day. That happiness is what that will push you for the next day.


Start with setting up goals. Having an action plan will give a direction to what one has to be doing, where to start and what to look forward. Make everything a purpose, even from waking up in the morning. When one achieves the small tasks, it would be encouraging to go after big ones. Above all, it gives a purposefulness to life.


  1. Keep Plans to Yourself


A significant reason why people get despondent is because of the discouragement that comes from outside elements. At times, it might seem like nobody appreciates what you do or are trying to pull you down. Now the healthiest way to handle this is by giving a deaf ear.


However, it is not always feasible. One might find themselves being influenced by these circumstances. So if you are excited about a new project or a new diet, keep the cards close to your chest.


Announcing the intent to others does not always bring the positive feedback one hope for. Why torture yourself with the opinion of others in the first place? It is far better to share the good news once the goal has been accomplished.

  1. Take a Break


There is no way to perform to one’s full potential if there is no time kept aside for rest. Work breaks are imperative to the brain and thus for any reassurance from the body to keep going.


We often see students working tirelessly yet unable to meet the deadlines. That is because you are overworking the brain and without any break, you will not get the decided outcome irrespective of the effort you put in. It would only be a wise measure in such cases to delegate some of the work. Platforms such as Essaypro offer excellent services with essays, academic works and admission papers. They also deliver the work while strictly adhering to the instructions and well before the deadline. It gives students some space to breathe and give enough attention to other matters.


Similarly, for work or in life,  it might be almost inevitable to take a break from the exhaustion to be able to return to the scene with renewed enthusiasm.


  1. Confront Fear


Fear is a powerful motivator. If one focuses on overcoming that, there is no need for another motivation. Every day we spend so much time doing meaningless activities. Each day passes by with the same routine and nothing to show that is actually working towards something.


In the very limited time we have on this earth, wouldn’t we all want to leave a legacy for someone to follow?  You don’t have to be a king or even Steve Jobs. If your life could inspire someone positively, especially friends and family, what better spur do we all need?


  1. Cut some Slack


In the social media age, there is no way to stress how not to feel insecure by what one sees online. It is inevitable to wonder while looking at the posts of others, why isn’t it happening for you? But everyone’s life is unique, and in fact, there is no way of telling what exactly is happening in others’ life just from how they portray it to others.


Stop comparing your life to others, their accomplishments, and drawbacks. The goal is to rise above all such influences and be a better person. It will be the best thing to do for yourself, to stay away from negative influences.


  1. Celebrate Little Wins


Smaller achievements are the stepping stones to bigger ones. Appreciating the smaller victories will break the inertia that nothing is happening. It will boost the performance further and enables one to work harder for the next one, as there is a reward waiting there.


There is a necessity to remind oneself that every little thing you do matters.


  1. Embrace the boredom


Often, it is not the goal that does not inspire, but the process of working towards it. Even people whom you consider successful have these boredom phases, on an everyday basis. What one needs to focus on is repetition, practice, and working until that it is impossible not to do that.


Are you working towards a body goal? Fall in love with the routine of the gym.


Working towards an appraisal? Fall in love with going to the job.


Focus on the journey as much as you want to achieve the goal, instead of considering it as an obstacle. Once you have nailed the art of this, it will be soon that other pieces fall into place.


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