Traveling has never been so easy. You can get from one corner of the globe to another in the blink of an eye, and yet embarking on a trip has transformed from something akin to an event to a chore that you need to get through in order to reach your designated destination. If you want to make your traveling more bearable, here are the best travel accessories for a convenient trip.

The Best Travel Accessories for a Convenient Trip

A portable battery

A smartphone has become our companion through life, and it would be really unfair to mention it as one of the travel accessories because of this. However, keeping your smartphone conveniently juiced up throughout the trip is something you should pay extra attention to – so always have a charged portable battery in the bag should the phone’s battery life go below 10%.

Universal adapter

In addition to the portable battery, there is another crucial item that should be on your ‘not leaving my house without these’ list. The reasoning for this is simple – countries around the world do not have one standardized model of the outlet so, depending on where you are traveling to, a universal adapter may become the only thing that keeps your electrical devices charged. These include phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and others – which means that without the adapter, it’s like you haven’t brought along any of them.

A backpack

This one sounds as obvious as a phone, doesn’t it? Well, not so fast – you’d be surprised how many people simply do not bring a backpack for their trip. They mostly pack their suitcases and either use a small purse or pockets on their coats/jackets for the items that they need within their hand’s reach. However, a backpack is one of those items that are simply beyond convenient for a trip. These days, you can easily find the types that can fit with any sort of attire – even glamorous or formal – so you are all out of excuses.


There’s nothing quite like an immersive soundscape to keep you comforted on your trip. Fill your phone with your favorite albums and podcasts and arm yourself with the finest Smart Headset accessories and convenient replacement parts which will serve as your trusty companions for many trips. If the traveling becomes too boring or the trip gets too stressful, you can always ‘insulate’ yourself and get into the Zen zone.

Eye mask

While earplugs will insulate you sound-wise, an eye mask is there to provide necessary darkness for when you feel like napping. This item is essential for longer trips, especially 20-hours-long flights, bus rides and train rides. If you’ve purchased the most comfortable mask you can find, you should reach your destination well rested and in the mood for some adventuring.

Inflatable pillow

Traveling pillows have turned into quite a lucrative business. You can find different kinds, shapes and sizes, ones that come with various mods, tweaks and – let’s be perfectly frank – superfluous features. Your run-of-the-mill inflatable neck pillow should do the trick, even though the opinions about it are divided. However, it was simply one of those breakthrough traveling items that still holds water for many people, so if you haven’t used it yet, what’s the harm in trying? The best thing about it is that no matter in what sort of seating position you end up in, you will feel at least a certain level of comfort.

An identification holder

Find some sort of identification holder that you find most convenient. This should be a seamless part of your attire; a light pocket that holds your passport, your credit card and possibly some cash. Some people use specially designed ‘bracelets’ for such items, other purchase scarves with secret pockets in them, while most simply rely on a special pocket on their traveling jacket for this – the one a thief would find hardest to reach without you noticing.

The Best Travel Accessories for a Convenient Trip

Now, while these travel accessories are indeed convenient, this doesn’t mean that you must bring each and every one of them on your trip. The experience of traveling will show you what set of useful items are the most convenient for your own sensibilities. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to feel as light as possible, so overpacking apparently useful items which you probably won’t use at all is a waste of space. It’s a trial-and-error sort of deal, so start your trials as soon as possible!

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