Ultimate backpackers guide to Australia!

Backpackers Guide to Austalia


Australia is a huge and diverse continent. Read this backpackers guide to Australia to explore this place in full! It stretches around 4000 km from Perth to Sydney, and around 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide. These dimensions are stunning and represent a great challenge for any backpacker. However, it is a backpacking heaven because of the extensive diversity of its terrains, flora and fauna. Backpacking is one of the best ways to explore Australia on a budget.


There is something for any kind of backpacking aficionado here. You can visit beautiful, long sandy beaches and amazing waterfalls all around the coast, hot deserts in the west, ancient rainforests in the north, wine regions in the south, and even ski resorts in the southeast. And because this might be a long and exhausting trip, here is a list of things you should take care of while roaming this wonderful land.

Plan your route in advance

backpackers guide to Australia

A vise thing to do is to create a rough plan of your route before you take the trip. It is not easy to pay a visit to every corner of this huge continent, so it is good to focus on a particular area. Spend some time in front of the map, write down the distances and the time it takes to reach every destination. Look for local campgrounds, motels or hostels and write down how much they cost per night.


Spontaneity is not your friend on your trip and your time and budget will only withstand this adventure if you plan it in advance. This might seem to you as a bit too much of overplanning, but it will be of a great help once you’re on the road, without Wi-Fi, far away from the civilization.

Duplicate your documents

It is recommendable to copy and/or scan your documents, like your passport, visa, driving licence, insurance policies, travel documents, employment documents, etc. You can pick an appointed person back home who will hold your replacement documents while you are away. As for certain documents, you can bring another version of them with you. Hold them in one place and take special care of them during the trip. Keep paper documents in a plastic wallet or a personal organiser.


An USB portable device is very helpful in these situations, as you can store the scans of your documents on it. It is perfect for personal management because it is a very small device and you can just plug it in any computer to reach your documentation. It is especially useful in case you lose your paper documents. You will then be able to reach the authorities and provide them your scanned documentation from your USB device. They will then contact your appointed person to send you your replacement documents.

Bring the right equipment

backpackers guide to Australia

You will be wearing a backpack with all your belongings on your back all the time, so don’t overpack. 10-12 kilograms of equipment are optimal for your trip. And don’t make a big fuss out of it if you find out too late that you forgot some of your equipment back home. You can buy anything you need when you arrive in Australia. For example shampoo, shower gel and sunscreen are very cheap there.

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Besides the essential equipment like your clothes, documents and money, make sure to take some accessories to make your trip more comfortable. Of course, you will need a cool travel backpack, maybe some additional Go Travel accessories like travel pillows, ear plugs, money belts, razor guards, travel blankets, RFID blocking passport covers, etc. They are created to make your trip more comfy and they don’t take up much room in your backpack.

Stay safe

There are no tigers or lions in Australia, instead, there is jellyfish, snakes, spiders, etc. For sure, it’s quite a wild continent, so you better get acquainted with some safety tips before visiting Australia. Here is a complete guide how to stay safe in Australia.

Make friends

backpackers guide to Australia

Australia is an amazing continent with beautiful cities and wonderful nature, but you will come to know it only when you meet Australian people. Your planned route consists of various destinations, but the most important things are the friendships you make on the road. Local people will be happy to help you on your trip and to introduce you to their culture and history.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet fellow backpackers, too. There are thousands of backpackers roaming all around Australia and all of them are connected by their interest for this beautiful country. Grab a beer, share a dinner, share your experience, ask them for some recommendations, or even ask them to join you. Many lifelong friendships and relationships start this way, so don’t hesitate to approach people along the way.


Backpacking through Australia is a great way to get to know this fascinating continent. And the best experiences are those that you share with your companions. There are not many things that compare to the feeling of freedom when you’re roaming through nature with a couple of backpacking friends. Grab this feeling with both of your hands. Enjoy the beautiful sceneries, sleep under the starry sky, meet some new, amazing people and make sure to bring some great memories with you back home.


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