The 5 Most Attractive Neighbourhoods in Sydney

You’re about to visit Sydney and you want to know which neighbourhoods are totally worth your attention? Look no further because you’re at the right place! Here are the five most attractive neighbourhoods in Sydney you should pay a visit to, so check them out and enjoy!

Be sure not to skip Manly

If you ever find yourself in Sydney, Manly should definitely be your first stop. This neighbourhood features the most beautiful beaches and harbour-side swimming spots, which is exactly what makes Manly Beach Sydney’s lifestyle Mecca. You should also know that people often refer to Manly as ‘God’s Country’, which is a good enough reason not to skip it. Do we even have to mention that it’s a perfect place for surfing and other extreme water sports, no matter if you’re an experienced surfer or just a beginner? Of course, if you prefer quieter spots, you can always go for Shelly Beach instead and enjoy the waves in a more secluded part of this neighbourhood.


Bondi Beach should also be on your must-visit list…


Bondi Beach street art
Bondi Beach street art

Speaking of Sydney’s breathtaking neighbourhoods, we mustn’t neglect Bondi Beach either. Needless to say, it’s one of Sydney’s most famous areas, and thousands of globetrotters will say that it’s one of the coolest at the same time. First of all, we should say that renting a car is probably the best option if you want to explore every single corner of this neighbourhood, so be sure to opt for Avis car hire as soon as you arrive. Apart from the one-kilometre-long golden sand beach, you’ll get a chance to try delicious foods and drinks typical of this part of the world. There are also numerous cultural events that will make you feel like you’re taking part in the exciting lifestyle Bondi Beach is known for. Or you can just go for a kale smoothie and hit a yoga class whenever you feel like it!


… As well as enchanting Surry Hills

Pumpkin Lane by Newtown grafitti

On the other hand, if you want to explore Sydney’s nightlife first-hand, Surry Hills is undoubtedly the perfect place for you. This one is also referred to as the most hipster neighbourhood in Sydney, and you know what? It will surely soothe your artistic soul in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Apart from the fabulous nightclubs and gin joints, you’ll also be able to explore a variety of charming cafes, as well as thrift and vintage stores. This colourful, vibrant neighbourhood will stun you with its retro feel, so pay a visit to it when in Sydney and you’ll see what we were talking about!


Love world-class Italian food and coffee? Pay a visit to Balmain

Balmain East by Slilin

Located in the harbour, six kilometres west of the city centre, Balmain is a neighbourhood that prides itself on world-class Italian food. Besides that, it’s also one of Sydney’s best coffee scenes, which is exactly why Balmain found its place on our list. It’s important that this area is heavily populated with Italians, who were responsible for introducing their traditional cuisine to this part of the world. Of course, they added a modern, contemporary twist to their dishes, which is how they got everyone to love them. We must also mention that Italian coffee shops you’ll find along Darling Street are like a magical slice of the Mediterranean, so give them a try and you certainly won’t regret it!


Newtown for all the bohemians out there

Last but certainly not least, Newtown is unavoidable if you’re a huge fan of shabby chic. This neighbourhood is completely random and unconventional, but we must say that it’s extremely arty, colourful, and eccentric, which makes it impossible to capture its true colours in only one word. This means that you’ll have to take a walk past the small bars and independent boutiques of King Street to get a glimpse of it. You should also know that this neighbourhood features a huge uni student population, which gives Newtown a unique vibe when combined with breathtaking street art. If you admire it, you’ll be absolutely smitten with this place!


As you can see, there are a lot of amazing places and neighbourhoods to visit when in Sydney, and these five are definitely the most attractive of them. Make sure to pay a visit to at least one of them if you ever found yourself in Sydney and you’ll see that we were saying nothing but the truth!


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