Ultimate Sydney Itinerary – Spending a Week in Sydney

Sydney, the capital of the New South Wales, is an urban marvel. You can easily spend months wandering its intricate cobweb of streets in search of the next thrill, but we are usually not so lucky to get that time. As a matter of fact, we are often quite fortunate to get a week’s worth of vacation days to recharge and recover. Should your travels lead you to the glistening buildings of the Harbour City, here’s what spending a week in Sydney is all about.

Sydney Itinerary

Day 1

It’s your first day in a captivating metropolis. The best way to “break the ice” of your Aussie vacation is to head straight into the furnace. You might feel a bit drowsy after the touchdown on Sydney Airport, and as soon as you enter your room and unpack, it is perfectly understandable if you are tempted to hit the sack. But, you haven’t come all the way here to spend your precious vacation sleeping, have you?

Instead, chug down a cup of coffee or an energy drink and venture out into the city and hit Sydney’s renowned central business district – a focal point of all interesting things and a place where most of the city’s famous landmarks are located. Start off with the most obvious highlights – Opera House, Tower Bridge and Tower Eye. Afterwards, head to the legendary Royal Botanic Gardens for a quiet afternoon. Take some time among the greenery to decompress and muse about the first impressions.


Day 2

On your second day, return to the central business district for more landmark-related adventures. Since you are well-rested, this will give you a chance to truly get a grip of Sydney’s downtown. The Queen Victoria Building, Parliament House and St Mary’s Cathedral are some of the historical highlights you simply need to see.

If you are an avid fan of history, head to the Docks and learn more about the Harbour City’s dynamic early history (which is not for the faint of heart). A visit to the Docks is also an excellent opportunity to try some of Sydney’s amazing local food, as the place is packed with food joints and colourful pubs.


Day 3

After the impressions about the landmarks have settled, it is time to thoroughly investigate the delightful surprises of Sydney’s infinitely complex bay coastline, which is riddled with diverse neighborhoods and interesting hotspots. Spend a sunny afternoon admiring the gleaming landscapes of the Bay’s eastern peninsulas.

This is a good opportunity to savor the luxurious architecture of Sydney’s exclusive suburbs. Definitely check out the lavishing beachside of Manly and head to the South Head peninsula afterwards if you are in the mood for fine dining. Exquisite surroundings of the Botanica Vaucluse can only be matched by its stellar menu of dishes that will satisfy your gourmet palate.


Day 4

It would be neat if you reserved one of your seven days exclusively for culture, as Sydney boasts some of the best museums in the world and an incredibly dynamic art scene. The Art Gallery of New South Wales has a global reputation, and an eclectic collection of Australian, European, Asian and Aboriginal art is something to marvel at. What’s more, the entrance is free of charge!

Of course, the Museum of Contemporary Art offers some mesmerizing modern magnum opuses and the Rock Discovery Museum is an amazing cultural trip through history. If you can, finish off your day with a visit to the live stand-up show or a dead serious drama performance in one of Sydney’s numerous active theatre houses.


Day 5

As it has already been mentioned, Sydney boasts some truly remarkable beaches, and this “tropical” aspect of the destination is much lauded for a good reason.

The coastline hotspots are not only brimming with interesting people, they are also surrounded with premier cocktail bars, exclusive restaurants and amazing accommodations. While you are in Sydney, you should definitely experience the sensory overload of Bondi Beach or head northwards in search of Sydney’s best kept beachside secrets and concealed lagoons.


Day 6

The nearby Blue Mountain ranges echo with the call of the wild characteristic of the Land Down Under. It is a jaw-dropping, epic set of impeccably lush landscapes and a vivid change-up from your regular daily routine. The best aspect of the Blue Mountains is that they are ninety minutes away from Sydney via car, which means that a day full of hinterland adventures is quite plausible, as long as you have brought the necessary hiking booths.

The hike trails are numerous, intertwined, and they cut through some of the most gorgeous natural scenery in this corner of the globe. Still, it is advisable to carry a map along with you.


Day 7

Seven days in Sydney sure are a roller coaster ride. In fact, the experience can be downright overwhelming, so always leave room for some leisurely activities and an opportunity to catch up with certain sides of town that are to your own liking. The implication here is that you should use the last day of your week-long urban escapade to kick back and relax. Maybe you can revisit some of the highlights that truly left an impression, or maybe you’re just in the mood to wander around town.

There is a “representative” side to Sydney, a slice of urban experience that is absolutely tailor-made for tourists who cannot spend more than a week in the capital of the New South Wales. If this “taste” of Sydney turns out to be a delight, you can always plan a new return in order to discover more. The dirty secret of Sydney is that tourists usually fall in love with it at first sight, so repeated returns are almost a guarantee.


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