Did you know that Swedes every year vote and choose the most beautiful places in Sweden? In fact, they also vote for other different aspects of their daily life, the societyÕs way of working and society in general. We all want to visit the best places that will offer the most beautiful things for the making of the most beautiful memories. Sweden offers very beautiful places to visit, but are you aware of the most beautiful places to visit during your trip to Sweden?
You donÕt want to miss the most beautiful places on your next visit to this wonderland. Here are SwedenÕs most beautiful places.
1. Stockholm archipelago
This is the largest archipelago in Sweden and it extends around the capital city of Stockholm. Travellers have an access to a chain of small and beautiful islands. You can tour the archipelago by steam-powered passenger ships or you can even go for island-hopping excursion to have the best experience. Some of the islands are home to some undisturbed wildlife which are good for hiking or kayaking.
2. Gothenburg
Gothenburg is located along the banks of the Gota Alv River on the western coastlines of Sweden. This city has a lot of annual international events which make it a great destination for tourists. You are likely to find many students in the city due to the many universities which are found in the city.
3. Kebnekaise and Tarfala
Kebnekaise is the highest mountain in Sweden. Tarfala is a valley that offers a great place for hill climbing and walking during summer or winter. One thing you need to note is that it is one of the windiest places in Sweden.
4. Skane
Found in the southernmost part of Sweden, Skane is a city with some of the most fertile soil in the world. You will find very beautiful farms, lakes and forests and numerous castles and gardens from the 12th to 19th centuries. There are also calm beaches along the coast that that will surely give you the best stay in Sweden. You can indulge in healthy foods in their inviting restaurants that serve farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, asparagus, goose and eel.
5. Malmo
Malmo is the largest city in Sweden and is popular as one of the most important economic hubs in Sweden owing to its numerous IT and biotech companies that have been coming up. Malmo is also home to one of the largest universities in Sweden.
6. Jokkmokk
Jokkmokk is located in the SwedenÕs northernmost province. There is the Jokkmokk Market that is more than 400 yearsÕ old which mainly runs to celebrate Sami culture even during below freezing temperatures. Sami is a local indigenous group in Jokkmokk. You can indulge in the local cuisine, watch folk dancing at the traditional market or feed a reindeer.
7. Kungsleden
Kungsleden is popularly known for the KingÕs Trail which is one of the most renowned trails which offer the best place to hike. The trails run from Abisko Lapland to Hemavan and follows a path thatÕs designed by the Swedish Tourism Organization in the early 1900s. you will marvel at the stunning landscapes, clear lakes, mount top, forests packed with birch trees and small villages.

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