If you’re currently planning your next travel adventure, you will likely be scanning the globe for a list of must-see destinations – and it’s fair to say that there are plenty of options available. In fact, the biggest issue you will face is narrowing down the choice to a single destination.


To simplify your search, in this piece, we’re going to focus on a particularly wonderful – though often overlooked by travelers – part of the world: Singapore. If you’ve never visited the so-called Lion City before, then here are ten reasons you’ll want to consider this incredible part of the world as a destination for your next trip…


#1 – World-famous skyline

Singapore Skyline


The Singapore skyline is one of the most famous in the world, and the chance to see it in person is not to be missed. Visiting Singapore means that you can enjoy the fantastic views throughout your stay, or even take a specific night-time river cruise to enjoy the incredible sights in all of their glory.


#2 – Easy to navigate


Any experienced traveler will know that if they want to get the most from their time in an area, they need to be able to navigate effectively – taxi fares can quickly wrack up, and if you can’t read signposts, then wandering wherever you feel like going becomes rather trepidatious. Thankfully, navigating Singapore is incredibly easy; English is one of the official languages of the city-country, so you should be able to go wherever your interests take you.


#3 – The greenery


When most people think of Singapore, they will imagine a thriving business city – which is, of course, undeniably true. However, Singapore is a surprisingly green – as in leafy – part of the world – there are trees, bushes, beautifully-manicured parks, spread throughout the city. As a result, Singapore could be considered the best of both worlds: a real 21st-century metropolis, but with a hint of natural idyll amongst the high-tech architecture.


#4 – Interesting weather conditions


If you’re a storm chaser, or merely want to experience more dynamic weather conditions when on vacation, then Singapore is the ideal choice. Singapore is usually considered to be a hot country; the summer months will usually see temperatures rise above 30°C, and even winter days will usually reach around 25°C. However, it is also incredibly humid, which can lead to truly impressive thunderstorms throughout the year.


#5 – Culturally diverse


Singapore is a city-country that is, without a doubt, one of the most diverse on the planet – so if you’re looking to experience a real slice of life, you couldn’t choose a better destination. Singapore offers not only cultural diversity – there are four official languages in total – but also great religious diversity, which allows you the chance to explore a variety of different historical holy sites – such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple as pictured above – over the course of a single trip.


#6 – Affordable and delicious food


One of the primary reasons people seek a full house for rent in Singapore is due to the incredible – and incredibly affordable – culinary delights that Singapore is known to provide. There are several “hawker centres” spread throughout Singapore; the closest western equivalent of which would be a mall food court, but the Singaporean experience is far, far better. Hawker centers are known for the sheer variety of options they are able to provide, as well as their astonishingly low prices – making them a must-visit for any foodie seeking a culinary experience they will never forget.


#7 – Amazing attractions


Singapore is an excellent destination for those who just want to wander and enjoy the area, but if you’d prefer to visit specific attractions, then you’re also in luck. There’s the magnificent Gardens by the Bay, which is famed for its Supertree Grove, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Singapore Botanic Gardens, the world-famous Singapore Zoo, the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool, and so much more besides – in fact, there’s so much to fit in, you’ll likely need to visit at least twice just to tick off everything you want to see!


#8 – Shopping opportunities galore


Singapore is considered to be one of the most impressive shopping destinations in the world, and for good reason. Not only is the sheer number of high-end, luxury stores – including a Louis Vuitton store that literally floats – impressive, but these stores blend with local options that offer a wealth of more traditional fare – so whatever your style or taste preferences, you can be confident Singapore will offer shopping options that suits you perfectly.


#9 – Pristine cleanliness standards


Thus far in our list, we have primarily focused on the fantastic things you’ll want to include on your Singapore itinerary, but it’s worth noting that the experience of Singapore as a whole is generally amongst the best in the world. The city-country is pristinely clean – littering carries a substantial fine – and well-maintained, which makes exploring its sights and sounds all the more pleasant.


#10 – Easy access to nearby islands



While Singapore itself is a complete destination, if you wish to visit a little further afield, there are a number of nearby islands that can provide an extra dimension to your trip. In particular, a day-trip or two to the nearby island of Sentosa is well worth considering; the island offers a wealth of leisure-related options, including casinos, theaters, concert venues, beautiful beaches, Michelin-starred restaurants, and much more besides. Alternatively, if you’d rather get to know the local wildlife a little better, you can head to Ubin Island, which offers breathtaking scenery and a chance to see explore the incredible flora and fauna on show.


In conclusion



Due to its business-friendly reputation, Singapore is often overlooked by those looking to travel for pleasure purposes. However, as the above points have demonstrated, Singapore has so much to offer to any type of traveler, and if you decide to visit, you can be sure of a truly spectacular experience.



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