The 10 Best Museums to Explore in Singapore

Museums, cultural centres and heritage sites are highly valued in Singapore. They are protected, managed and rich in information. Whether you are a local, foreign tourist or a business person who wants to explore museums in Singapore, there is a lot waiting for you. The good news is that the majority of these destinations are easily accessible from any part of the CBD, where many hotels are.

Before visiting any of these, you should research and learn what to expect. Most importantly, get to know what is expected of you while you are in any of the museums. We will bring you 10 of the best museums in Singapore and why you should try them.

The National Museum of Singapore

Even if you are going to miss all the others, this one is a must. It sits along Stamford Road, and it is open to all people. Since it is the oldest museum in the city-state, you can expect a lot once you are inside the walls.

The museum is loaded with an informative gallery and exhibition that displays the history of Singapore. According to many who have been here, its richness cannot be compared with any other museum especially when you want to learn more about the British, Indian and Chinese arrivals to the country. The museum is open every day from 10 AM to 7 PM.

ArtScience Museum

The architecture of this museum will attract you from afar. Actually, you can enjoy and learn a lot about this museum, which is shaped like half a lotus flower and is near the famous Helix Bridge. Since its inception in 2011, it has been collecting international accolades after exhibiting Singapore’s advanced technology that works in harmony with the state’s culture.

Whether you are looking for a school project in the area of technology and culture or just exploring to be informed, you and your family will enjoy being in this museum. All exhibitions are protected in glass cages, and accompanying information is displayed for the audience. The museum is located at 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore. You can access it between 10 AM and 7 PM every day.

National Gallery Singapore

Asian culture is very rich in Singapore. Singapore has a lot in common with its Asian neighbors. So, in 2015, the country decided to open a museum that exhibits galleries and exhibits from different Asian countries. The museum hosts more than 8,000 pieces of art from various Asian cultures. The Chinese artwork from popular artists like Liu Kang, Georgette Chen and Cheong Soo Pieng has dominated the museum. According to official information, the art is influenced by oil painting from Western culture.

If you want to access the museum, it is located where the former supreme court and city hall were in Downtown Core, Singapore. You can visit the museum even if you are confined to a wheelchair because they provide access to people with disabilities. Kids will also have a good time interacting with intriguing artwork and other displays.

Asian Civilizations Museum

Singapore became a metropolis because of interacting with many other cultures through business. This frequently took place at the mouth of the Singapore River where the Asian Civilizations Museum sits today. Its main aim is to display different cultures and how they relate to each other. Therefore, you will find a variety of exhibitions ranging from ancient artifacts and paintings to art.

Since its founding in 1997, the museum has collected numerous exhibits that are informative to all people including students and those on holiday. It is near Empress Place. Be sure to be there between 10 AM and 7 PM when it opens every day.

Peranakan Museum Singapore

The Peranakan culture is not familiar to many people who visit the Lion City. Even most expats who have lived here for many years may not understand this culture until they find the right information. So, as you prepare to travel to this state through the One Visa experts, you have to plan to visit Armenian Street in Singapore, where the Peranakan Museum is located, to learn about the fusion of Malay and Chinese culture.

It was established in 2008 after numerous cases of intermarriage between these two cultures. So, if you are still wondering what it is that they exhibit, then you need to be here to see. They collect artifacts from all over the world to exhibit them here. But the most interesting part is the history of the culture in Singapore that has evolved since the Chinese traders first interacted with the local Malay people to date. You will realise that this cultural evolution is more interesting than you can imagine.

Malay Heritage Centre

This heritage centre and museum opened its doors in 2005 after the restoration of the former Sultan Gate. Learning about the Malay people starts all the way outside the building, where geram trees are located. This is significant because they represent the trees used by the Bugis people to make boards for fishing and trading.

In addition to the numerous artifacts from the Malay culture that are displayed in the museum, there is a rich history that is either narrated for visitors by the attendants or can be read on the information boards. Additionally, the centre is known to organise functions that are in line with Malay cultures like food extravaganzas and workshops. Probably, you should check their website to see if there are any upcoming event that you would like to attend.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Singapore has an Asian culture, and it appreciates every part of it through different exhibitions in various museums. But when it comes to appreciating flora and fauna, there are only a few centres that will exhibit them like Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

The museum has preserved skeletons of dinosaurs and other extinct animals that existed in Asia. Numerous specimens at the centre date many years back. Therefore, it is a centre that is fun for both adults and kids. But historians flock here to learn the fascinating natural history.

If you want to access the museum, you can visit Queenstown in Singapore on any day and buy a ticket at the gate to enter to the museum. People are not allowed to interfere with the specimens although they are securely protected within their display cages.

Changi Museum

Do you want to learn the rich history of Singapore before, during and after World War II? Would you like to know how the Japanese influenced the country after the invasion? Just hop on the metro to Changi Museum. It was formally opened in 2001 after relocation near Changi Prison. Today, it is a thriving museum that has a chapel with a rich history.

The prisoners of war (POW) are the main contributors to the paintings and artwork that are displayed in the museum. However, they also have other artwork that was collected during this time. Historians who are interested in the war, as well as other people, will have a lot to learn from this museum.

Just like many other museums and heritage centres in the state, it is accessible to all people including kids who are accompanied by adults. Reports indicate that the centre is often visited by those who are interested in understanding Singapore’s experience during World War II.

Singapore Science Centre

This centre is a great museum, and it has been in operation since 1977. Since it is an older museum, it is rich in artifacts and exhibitions that are ideal for students. It is located in Jurong East, which is easily accessible by schools. Kids who visit the museum can learn from the 14 galleries that collectively have over 10,000 exhibits.

A day trip is not enough to go through all of them. Therefore, many schools visit a few galleries that are related to the studies they are interested in. People also bring their families here for kids to have fun as they see specimens of animals that existed many years ago like dinosaurs and many others. They also have plants collected from different parts of Asia.

National Library of Singapore

The last centre to discuss on the list of museums in Singapore is the National Library of Singapore. This archive of knowledge is located on Victoria Street in Singapore. Those researching history, science and other topics that are included in the library are the most frequent visitors.

You can access more than half a million different items like articles, publications and books. The good news is that the library uses a digital catalog to manage the books and all other resources.


It is great that you know where to visit when you are in Singapore. You can rest assured that any of these museums will not disappoint you in any way. As you can see, some are good for the kids, while others are suitable for everyone. Choose well if you cannot access all of them so that you can visit the best destinations for your trip.



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