There are lots of fancy resorts around the world.

BUT, in this blogging cycle, I want to share some really, really unknown places, which still feature great nature, culture, food, etc and are a fantastic travel destination.


Sheshory is a famous resort in the Carpathian region. First of all, tourists go here through the famous Silver waterfalls.

Sheshory – How to get there?

The closest airport to Sheshory is located in Lviv – Western Ukraine. You can also land in Kyiv – Ukraine capital and then take a night train to Ivano-Frankivsk or Kolomyya.

Sheshory is at a distance of ~ 30 km from Kolomyia or ~ 10 km from Kosiv.

You can take a bus from Kosiv or Kolomyia – directly to Sheshory or to Pistyn turn, and thence on foot. However, it is recommended to have your own transport.



Sheshory – video

Here are some videos I recorded about Sheshory, however, they are in Ukrainian 🙂

Sheshory – where to stay?

It’s quite a hidden resort, therefore there isn’t a well-developed infrastructure or some well-known hotel-chain. There aren’t AirBnBs. There are “sadybas” – these are private cottages, which are rented out for tourists.

That’s a beauty of places like this.

In Sheshory there are many private estates – closer to the waterfalls, you can see the announcement of almost every gate.

The well-known manor – Sikitura – is located right above the waterfall.

Yabluniv’s Lodge – located 8 km from Sheshory – is very convenient for a trip to the waterfall.

In Sheshory at the moment, there is undergoing construction of many resorts.


Top 9 – things to do in Sheshory

  1. Silver waterfalls – small gouk – famous waterfalls, where you can bathe.
  2. A big guk – large waterfalls – is located down the river from the big small one. It’s much more powerful and picturesque waterfall. You can not swim there.
  3. Restaurant Arkan – a famous restaurant over a small ringleader. Here you can taste the famous Hutsul dishes – banush, trout, brynza, as well as traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Prices are a bit biting.
  4. Suspension bridge – upstream from the small waterfall there is a suspension bridge with a magnificent view of the Carpathian Mountains.
  5. Sheshory church is a model of Hutsul architecture of the late 19th century.
  6. An exit to the Rosokhato estuary – here you can buy brynza and see the production process.
  7. Lebedin is a mountain lake, sung by legends, is two hours walk from the center of the village.
  8. Quadricycles – in the local surroundings you can ride on quad bikes.
  9. Walking in the mountains – on mushrooms, berries – Sheshory surrounded by mountains and forests – a great place for walks.


Sheshory – travel hacks

In Sheshory is quite difficult with public transport – much easier on its own car.

The quality of roads is good only to the waterfalls – then much worse.

In the summer – especially on weekends – the waterfall beach is busy, therefore it is better to come in the morning or on weekdays.

There are many up and down the river. beautiful places to relax, barbecue, and so on, but not so busy with tourists.


Not far from Sheshory

Kosiv – 10 km

Kolomyya – 30 km

Kosmach – 8 km

Yabluniv – 8 km


Sheshory – photos


Sheshory - large waterfall



Шешори - Малий Гук


Шешори - Пістинька


Шешори - Аркан



Шешори - нові будинки



Шешори - гуцульська архітектура



Шешори - гуцульська архітектура


Шешори - гуцульська архітектура



Стара турбаза


Вид на Шешори



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