What are the top Star Wars Rogue One Locations?


Star Wars Rogue One comes packed with stunning scenery and epic battles. Rogue One follows the adventures of a group of rebels whereby Felicity Jones and Diego Luna are starring. The stunning scenery is what catches our eyes. Star Wars Rogue One is a Lucasfilm production that seems to travel to amazing locations all over the world. Rogue One was filmed in different amazing locations and people have actually started flocking to some of the real-life locations where the movie scenes were filmed. Here are the locations of Star Wars Rogue One.

The Maldives as Scarif

Rogue One introduces fans to a tropical planet known as Scarif which used the Maldives as its filming location. The island, in the movie, is the base that is used by the Empire to build the Death Star which is a destructive weapon that can take all entire planets in the movie. The Maldives has always been a great tourist destination for its turquoise waters and the white sandy beaches.

Desert of Jordan as Jedha

Scarif is not the only new planet that Rogue One introduces fans too, Jedha is one of the few planets in the Star Wars Universe and was first explore the nature of the Force. The dusty desertic planet now is occupied by the Galactic Empire. The Jedha scene was filmed in Jordan. You might want to embrace your inner force by visiting the Jordan deserts and enjoy the beautiful views of orange-coloured rock mountains, which can easily be seen in the movie.

Iceland as Eadu

This is another new planet in the Star Wars Universe that we are introduced to by the Rogue One. Eadu is the possible home of starring Felicity Jones who plays Jyn Erso. The scene was filmed at Myrdalssandur Beach located on the southern coast of Iceland. The place is famous for its back sand beaches, sub-polar oceanic climate steep sea stacks. These are probably the reasons why it was used as a setting for another planet.

London as Imperial Military Base

Imperial Military Base is a place where important Imperial military training and research takes place in the Rogue One. After the Rogue One rebels get to Scarif, they now start targeting this base. Filming the inside of this base happened in the Canary Wharf tube station in London. London offers a lot more to explore than just the Canary Wharf tube station.


The above are the main locations for Star Wars Rogue One. They are amazing destinations with beautiful scenic views and anyone would want to explore them.




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