Being an entrepreneur is a *pretty hard and risky* choice.

For a lot of people, it is much easier to go from nine to five job. Especially, when you are in “nice”, big company, with an OK paycheck.

In fact, only around 1% of people have what it takes to start your business.

BUT, if you have what it takes,

here are some of the reasons, which may motivate you to go entrepreneurship path.

1. Freedom

Probably this is the most important reason to become an entrepreneur.

2. Ability to fit your creativity

Outside of the corporate environment.

Not all entrepreneurs are able to fit their creativity into the corporate box.

3. Control your own time

By being an entrepreneur you control your time and space.



4. Your own lifestyle

You have own lifestyle, which is not limited between nine to five. Create your perfect work-life balance, which may be not possible with a standard job.


You get back what you put in

5. Possibility to change the world

Yes, you can.

6. Not being treated like sh*t

No comments.

7. No dress code

If you are your own boss – you dress how you like.

8. Become a role model

Someone else can take inspiration from entrepreneurship to also do amazing things.

9. Freedom to travel

10. Distant work without limitations

If you want to work from Bali or Greece – there are no limits. However, depending on your project, sometimes it can be challenging to completely run and scale your project from Bali.

11. No blame game

As an entrepreneur – you can’t point fingers at someone else, only yourself. It’s your responsibility.


Become a role model

12. Spend more time with family

As you control your own time – you can share more moments with relatives and close ones.

13. Enjoy hobbies

If you are an entrepreneur and control your free time, you will have plenty of it to enjoy your hobbies.

14. Reporting to nobody

You don’t need to stress by reporting to someone upper you. You report to yourself. You are responsible for yourself.

15. No boss

Your boss is you. You are a project manager for yourself. It might bring a lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility.

16. Healthier life

With entrepreneurship, you have more opportunities to live a healthier life. Of course, maybe it doesn’t refer to starting a business, where hundreds of hours of work are required. But, maybe later you can.

17. Getting to work with brilliant, like-minded people

If you are starting a company, you will probably have a chance to work with super smart people and brilliant minds.

18. Creating legacy

If your project is successful (even if it’s not) – you can create a legacy, a history, a dent in a specific industry.

19. Ability to “breathe”

Some people just “can’t breathe” in a corporate environment. You can breathe with full lungs, while you are an entrepreneur.

20. Earn living doing what you love

If you can find a balance between doing what you love and getting paid for it – it’s a unique gift and opportunity. A lot of people are unhappy with their daily jobs and work there just to pay their checks.

21. Performance review for yourself

There is nobody else to do performance reviews for you. You are your own quality checker.

22. It doesn’t feel like work

If you love what you do, very often it doesn’t feel like work. Even, if it’s hundred + hours of work per week.

23. You own corporate culture

You decide on your corporate culture, values and company aim. But, obviously, these values should be shared by your co-workers.

24. You can make people happy

Think of many amazing products, which made lots of lives easier, cheaper, happier and more fulfilling. Think of iPhone or Windows 95. You can be the creator of such a product.

25. The sky is the limit

You will never hit a ceiling while being an entrepreneur. Your results depend only on yourself.

26. Face massive challenges

By being an entrepreneur, you will be solving big obstacles.

It is super hard and super rewarding at the same time.

At Google, they have a “moonshot” approach – huge problems, which affect the lives of millions of people. Think of self-driving cars, project loon (worldwide delivered by balloons), Google lenses, etc.


Your own corporate culture


27. You get back what you put in

There are no more excuses.

28. Create something from nothing

Imagine bootstrapping a 500 people company literally from nothing.

29. The ability to pivot

You have the freedom to pivot. Actually, it can be a requirement for many businesses to survive.

30. Ability to stay positive if your biz fails

Starting a business involves a big risk, that it will go bankrupt. That’s the reality of entrepreneurial life.



So, what are you waiting for?



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