Dogs – who really can’t love such creatures of complete devotion. Their friendliness can easily show you why they are referred to as man’s best friend. That is why it can be a painful ordeal to leave your canine friend back at home when you are planning to go for a traveling experience to various destinations. Well, let us spare you the burden of searching for a dog sitter and offer you some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Europe.

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels for a European Family Vacation with Your Dog



1. The Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

The Hampshire hills, being located just outside London, is a luxurious 18th century 133-room hotel. Lying in a setup of 500 acres, it provides adequate room for people and their friends to continue with their activities. You can enjoy the spa, equestrian Centre where your child can be given a pony for the day. The prices for this hotel begin from 335 pounds a night together with 10 pounds a night for the accommodation of your pet.

2. The Devonshire Arms Hotel

The Devonshire Arms Hotel lies in a place surrounded by 33000 acres of the countryside on the Bolton Abbey Estate. With plenty of activities such as horse racing, this hotel can offer you an exciting and enjoyable vacation. With only 120 pounds a night, this hotel gives you a chance to reduce the cost of a European vacation. Your dog can also have a wonderful time with only 10 pounds for the provision of comfort necessities and many more.

3. Trigony House and Garden Spar, Scotland

With nine rooms, this hotel was designed to show heritage that is unique in the Scottish countryside. In this hotel, pet owners can feel appreciated since there are necessities for pet accommodation at only 9 pounds a night, hence, saving on the costs so that you can have a cheap European vacation.

4. Milestone Hotel

This is a hotel that takes pride in original arts and exquisite rich furnishings. It also offers you a chance of having the feeling of home away from home. Just 15 minutes away from most museums in London, you and your dog can visit the Hyde Park which is great for dog walking. With no extra charge, you are offered dog sitting services and comfort necessities such as beds blankets for the pet snuggle and many more. What makes it one of the best pet friendly hotels is that you are charged only 345 pounds a night.

5. The Foxhill Manor, Broadway

This 40-acre hotel surrounds you with the beauty of villages and markets that are historical. There are hiking trails that are ideal for your walks with your furry companion. With only 30 pounds a night, your dog can be guaranteed to have a cozy bed with a special menu created by a chef to make sure that your pet is well satisfied. For only 449 pounds a night you can be assured of spending your dream European vacation.

6. Lucknam Park -Wiltshire

The Lucknam hotel offers you a chance to explore a 500 acre of woodlands and meadows. With 42 well-styled suites, creative and fun amenities such as horse riding, you will an excellent experience when it comes to having an excellent European family vacation. With 25 pounds a night, you can be offered dog-sitting services, comfort necessities and many more. The charges here begin at 235 pounds a night.

7. Hotel Wolf, Germany

In case you are looking for a stress-free place, this is the right destination for you and your furry friend. With rooms designed to make you feel at home, they also have dog beds and showers for making your vacation enjoyable. With a dog park and services such as dog training, you can have an experience that is worthwhile in one of the best pet friendly hotels in Europe.

8. Cholmondeley Arms, England

Located in the countryside of Cheshire, this former Victorian schoolhouse has been transformed into a hotel. The rooms are very accommodative with water bowls that have fresh water together with fully packed delicious dog treats in the refrigerators. The hotel also imports Belgian beers specifically for your dog. Isn`t this amazing?

9. The Soar Mill Cove

This is one of the best pet friendly hotels in the southern part of Devon’s coastal headland. With indoor games such as table tennis, it gives one a chance to still have an enjoyable stay despite the weather. With only 10 pounds for the accommodation of your dog, and 166 pounds for you a night, it makes this hotel one of the suitable destinations for a singles European vacation.

10. The Feathers Hotel

With the presence of a fireplace, this hotel offers a warm and cozy atmosphere. There is no extra charge for pets staying in any room. The guests, however, must bring everything required for their pet’s accommodation. With many walks both on the open countryside and woods, this hotel is a home away from home for your canine friend.


As you travel with your dog, finding somewhere they are allowed to can be a very tedious task, so we sure hope that we have helped you in planning a European vacation. Do you know of any other hotels in Europe that are pet-friendly? You are welcome to share your ideas by commenting below.


About the Author: Rachel Hudson is a writer of and pet owner. She likes to travel with her dog. She knows how difficult to find good pet-friendly hotels. Rachel wants to share her lovely hotels with you.

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