There are many places in this world, which are attractive and scare at the same time. The world is full of mysterious monuments of human civilization behind which hundreds and even thousands of history years hide.

Ancient stone walls, floors decorated with featured mosaic tiles, ceilings, pictured by genius artists: people have always given a great weight to their sanctuaries. We are very religious by nature in general. It stands to reason, that it is impossible to visit all the monuments of mystic architecture on earth. However, it is realistic to see the main things out of the architecturally religious heritage of humankind.  

Like many other American states, Pennsylvania has its symbols. Those are Pennsylvanian lightening-bug, white-tailed Virginia deer, birch partridge, speckled trout, German Mastiff, also evergreen Canada hemlock needle-leaf tree and mountain laurel flower. Colors of the state are blue and golden. Dance – polka, products – milk and sweet biscuit.  

Gettysburg Museum

If to speak about the planet Earth`s places of interest thrown a cloak of secrecy around, Museum of the Battle of Gettysburg is one of them. Pennsylvania is considered to be the state of freedom and independence. No wonder that the greatest battle for freedom and independence was conducted in one of its towns back in 1963. In July, 3 days of tough severe fights led to heavy losses and Confederate Army retreat.  

Gettysburg Museum

The museum is located on the territory of National Military Park, which is not a park in a traditional sense existing since the year 1895. There are no shady alleys and bloomy beds of flowers. This is the first place you need to visit being in Gettysburg for the first time.

As long as the battle was going for three days, has already been mentioned above, there are three halls accordingly, which are dedicated to each of the days of the battle. It says about the beginning of the war and those fights, which led to the battle of Gettysburg. Around1400 of showpieces full size decorate the park`s territory, which occupies an area of 6000 acres (more than 24 000м²).

Therefore, in order to find out everything about the Civil war in the USA, one needs to go to Gettysburg and that is how to learn everything in detail. There are maps, poster boards, installations, pictures, things, different voice messages, let alone dozens of TV-sets in each hall with reconstruction videos of this or that battle episode and a narration about each.

Gettysburg Museum

Yet, before going on a trip across the battlefield, museum workers recommend visiting the Battle of Gettysburg cyclorama colorfully expressing the battle environment. Due to smooth passages between horizontal and vertical, cyclorama generates a special perception of space endlessness. Gettysburg. Freedom Rising film Фильм tell about the role of the battle of Gettysburg to play in American democracy development let alone about the main American democratic freedoms.

Eisenhover National Park

There is also National Eisenhower Historical Park, a house and a farm of Weight D. Eisenhower the president near the Gettysburg field.

Places in Gettynsburg

It served as a day off place for him and his wife Mamie for weekends and a place of the world`s leaders meeting. The farm became a house of Eisenhower’s after they left The White House in 1961.  

Together with his wife, Eisenhower has never had a home going from one military position to another and after he became a president of Columbia University in 1948, his wife asked him for a place to be called their home. People they knew bought a farm nearby and recommended the area. They found the forsaken farm in 1950 and bought it with its 189 acres for 40 000 $.

Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower donated their house to US National Park Service in 1967 with life interest of the president. Eisenhower died 2 years later at the age of 78. Mamie declined the idea to move to Washington in order to stay close to her family and friends and got a federal authorization to live there until her death in 1979. About 98% of furniture is original back from those times when the president lived there.  

There is also a National Historical Park of old trains and Pocono Mountains and Endless Mountains – 6200 km² of picturesque landscapes include the riches and diversity of the local flora and fauna (there are about 100 types of trees only). To ski on Pocono Mountains is one of the favorite things to do in the wintertime.

They are rocky so it is hard to call them Mountains from the capital letter. At the same time, the Poconos is the place where many ski resorts are located in 2-3 hours ride from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey or Delaware. Working during the entire winter, equipped with the newest lifts offering mountain down hills of any level and for any taste, they provide with an excellent way to spend a day or a weekend.

Places in Gettynsburg

Every resort suggests classes for beginners. An artificial snow is used oftentimes, which is more stiff than natural. However, the difference fades after some good snowfall.

The season usually begins in the middle of December and keeps on going to the end of March. Skies, snowboard, and other equipment are available for rent at any resort. Night skating is also available. Some mountains have illuminated downhills.  

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