Every Single Reason Why You Should Visit Kerala

The vast country of India is nothing short of a travelers’ gold mine for breathtaking sights, immersive culture, an experience of a lifetime and a whole new way of life. Among all the different regions, the southernmost stretch of land called Kerala is perhaps the most impeccable destination. With mesmerizing natural sceneries, beautiful beaches and everything else you could wish for, it is not hard to see why God’s Own Country (as it is often referred to) is such a popular travel destination. However, if you are still not convinced, here are all the reasons why it is absolutely worth visiting Kerala. Read on.


The lush greens

While there is a lot to see and do in Kerala, firstly, you should most definitely try and take in its beautiful nature. Just by looking up pictures of Kerala, you will notice the incredible green sceneries that adorn its landscape. From amazing, so-called “hill stations” in Munnar, where overlooking the vast tea plantations over the misty hills will make you feel like you are on a different planet, all the way to lush rainforests with varied, exotic plants and animals, it’s a nature lovers’ paradise.

Beautiful beaches

As if the immense beauty of the dry land was not enough, Kerala even boasts some beautiful beaches along its coast that deserve to be mentioned. With clear skies and tranquility, you will be able to have a relaxing holiday if that is what you’re looking for in this country. Usually, Kovalam gets the most credit for being postcard-perfect, especially with the idyllic lighthouse in the background, and it is actually the most developed beach in the region so it’s definitely worth a visit. However, there are lots of tranquil, hidden beaches as well where you will avoid most of the tourist crowds. Take note of Kannur Beach and Marari Beach if you want a different kind of experience.

Art and culture

In Kerala, various art forms, including dance and music, are constantly flourishing – you can see dance performances (such as Kathakali) as well as martial arts (namely, Kalaripayattu), but if there is a festival happening during the time of your visit, it will give you the best first-hand experience of the outstanding culture of this place.

Impeccable infrastructure

Besides its touristic virtues, Kerala, in fact, is a rightful competitor of industrial powerhouses such as Bengaluru. In the past years, investment opportunities, as well as real estate, have been on a steady rise, not to mention the technological sector developing rapidly. All in all, Kerala has a great economy and a strong infrastructure, including roads and public transportation, and it might even be a good place for those looking for employment abroad as recent developments have created numerous employment opportunities. This flourishing state still has so much potential for growth and people are not wasting it.

Relaxation with Ayurveda

In Kerala, traditions of Ayurveda date back thousands of years. This is a branch of medicine, one of the oldest ones in the world, that is completely natural, and the locals are well-versed in this craft. If you’re looking to rejuvenate not only your body but also your mind, consider getting treatment in the form of a massage or a yoga session. There are even specific Ayurveda tours offered in Kerala for enthusiasts of this practice.

Amazing wildlife

As mentioned earlier, you can meet some impressive creatures in this state. Visiting a wildlife sanctuary will allow you to see some of the most beautiful animals in the world up-close. There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries that are home to many species including beautiful elephants, Bengal tigers, leopards, Malabar giant squirrels, crocodiles, lion-tailed macaques, civets, king cobras and so on. This will be an unforgettable experience for animal lovers. Besides the furballs, the flora of these sanctuaries is also notable.

Serene backwaters

Something that Kerala is famous for is its beautiful backwaters: Alleppey and Kumarakom are mentioned most often when talking about this aspect of the region. You can take a picturesque cruise to see the region from the deck of a houseboat, and you can be sure the sceneries will not disappoint you. This is also a very relaxing thing to do and something that you will probably not be experiencing anywhere else in the world. So, sit back and watch the palm trees as they pass by.

Local delicacies

Foodies will rejoice at the fact that Kerala has an outstanding cuisine with an incredible variety of different spices. You will often encounter coconut in lots of dishes, but what you absolutely must try is appam – a kind of pancake made of rice! It can be eaten with various dishes but it’s often served with stew. Other notable dishes you should definitely put on your list are Kerala prawn curry and Kerala style fish molee, and for dessert, make sure you try Ada Pradhaman.

Last but not least, you will love the locals and will long to come back once you’ve gone home. A large portion of your traveling experience depends on what kind of a welcome you get at your destination, and rest assured, in Kerala, you will be greeted with smiles and whatever problem you run into, people will be more than happy to help out. So, don’t worry and start packing instead as your trip of a lifetime is waiting for you in Kerala!




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