Travel with children can be tough…

It’s not easy for parents to balance their private and professional lives while still meeting success in both the business as well as the parenting world. Many working parents, especially those with their own startup companies or businesses and who spend most of their time either working or thinking about work, feel guilty for not dedicating enough time and energy to their kids. Given all these challenges, traveling with your children is a great way to make up for the lost time and spend some quality time away from work and school obligations.

Needless to say, globetrotting with your family can be tricky and overwhelming at times. There is a myriad of things to think about in advance and endless frustrations and obstacles, but in the end it’s undoubtedly worth it. It’s an opportunity to get to know your children on a more intimate level, while challenging yourselves, conquering your fears, and indulging in self-care. Here are some of the tips to help you learn how to travel with children, while maintaining success in your business.

Travel with children

Pick your travel style

There are a wide variety of travel styles ranging from backpacking, through camping, to luxurious package tours. In accordance to your family’s needs, you’ll have to first decide on what kind of holiday you want for your family vacation. If you would like to teach your children how to appreciate mother nature, opt for a good old traditional camping-style holiday. This is an inexpensive but exciting way to travel, and it’s unquestionably beneficial for both your whole family’s mental and physical health. Moreover, it’s a perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationships and grow closer to the people who matter the most to you. Additionally, a camping trip offers various adventurous activities for kids. On the other hand, if you feel like getting a good rest that isn’t under the open sky, glamorous kinds of holidays at fancy hotels or resorts might be your cup of tea. Such facilities can offer playgrounds, aqua parks, and sports activities suitable for your children, so no need to worry about keeping them busy. An escape from the daily grind of life is something that we all truly need once in a while, whether it is through the comfort and ease that luxurious hotels can offer you or the uniqueness of the camping experience.

Pick your destination and schedule your trip in advance

It doesn’t matter if you ultimately opt for a weekend trip to an aqua park, dino land, or a business trip that you’d like to take your family on as well – it’s important to make an early plan and consider the needs and expectations of all family members in order to make the most of your time together. Bearing in mind your children’s interest, hobbies, and personalities, pick a destination that will boost their curiosity and ignite their imagination but is also appealing to you and your spouse. Limit the planned activities during the travel to a couple per day, reserve time for quality meals, and enforce a strict bedtime – sleep deprivation is the biggest party breaker. Another important consideration is dedicating a specified amount of time for pure self-indulgence. Obviously, plan out your working schedule in advance as well so it does not interfere with your family time.

Consider possible working options

Ideally, travelling with children should be reserved solely for family bonding, experiencing a new surrounding, and unplugging from the daily pressures deriving from work, sleep deprivation, the lack of free time, and an unhealthy phone/laptop attachment. However, this can’t always be the case, and fortunately even in those circumstances there are ways of combining your work and family travel, without any consequences. If you’re used to co-working, you’ll easily adapt to a shared office space and make the best out of it. Benefits are numerous, from the opportunity of sharing the office with your spouse, to reducing rental costs, or even joining a space temporarily when away from home.

Pack smart

Remember that packing for a solo or romantic trip is far different from packing for a family vacation. Do some research on your destination and accommodation before hitting the road. Watch the weather forecast and make sure to be prepared for any sort of unforeseen weather, which can even be fun if you’re equipped properly (a snow storm in the mountains provides a experience if your children are safe and comfortable). You also have to think of the usual necessities, such as medicine, toys, extra clothes, diapers, nutrition bars for the road, board games in case of staying in, and more. Additionally, if you’re flying or taking a bus, always take precautions and keep a carry-on bag stuffed with the essentials.

Finding success in your business and still having the time to be a caring parent are not mutually exclusive. However, no one said it would be easy. It’s important to have both understanding and supportive colleagues as well as family members and be ready to sacrifice one or the other for the sake of maintaining balance. Following the tips above will help you organize your time and take enjoyment from both of your lives, professional and private, with very little to worry about.


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