Going on vacation is a wonderful opportunity to relax and soak in the culture of another place. And while you’re free of most responsibilities during this soothing time, it’s imperative not to forget to look after yourself appropriately. Even with limited packing space, you need to bring along those essential items that maintain your beauty and comfort.

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Tips for Travel Foot Care

Taking care of yourself properly when you’re far away from home and could only bring limited supplies can get tricky. This is as true for your skin as it is for your feet. In fact, maintaining them is even more important, as they allow you to experience the world. To help you with that, here are three useful tips that will help you keep your feet in tip top shape while traveling.

1.    Choose the Shoes Wisely

The number one care tip to apply is packing the right travel shoes to take along with you on your trip. As WorkBootCritic explains, cold insulated and waterproof boots are ideal when you expect to spend time in snow or rain. But if your holiday is a tropical one, you need something breathable and light that will still support your arches properly.

Ensuring that they fit is also an essential part of the process. According to EverydayHealth, improper and ill-fitting shoes are the number one cause of foot problems. While wearing the wrong pair is a slippery slope anywhere, the severity of the situation intensifies when you’re away in another city or even country.

If you discover that your footwear is giving you blisters while on holiday, you can’t exactly go back home and change. For this reason, you need to choose wisely beforehand. Of course, the most comfortable and supportive alternative will always be represented by sneakers. These are ideal when you plan to take a walking tour of the city and experience the sights.

However, they aren’t the most practical alternatives if you will be spending a lot of time on the beach. If this is the case, opt for some light sandals or flip-flops with a thick and cushiony sole, and always apply sunscreen before going out. Because of the open nature of the shoes, sunburns are inevitable if you’re not properly prepared.

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2.    Be Mindful of Swelling During Air Travel

Depending on the distance you have to cover to arrive at your holiday destination, you will spend a considerable amount of time seated. When this happens, foot swelling is a natural consequence that occurs due to blood flow restriction to the legs. Regardless of what means of transport you choose, you will experience this after a few hours.

Nevertheless, by far the most uncomfortable experience from this point of view is that of air travel. When you travel by car, you can always stop to unwind for a bit. In the case of trains, you have plenty of aisle space, and walking is always permitted. However, airplanes are a completely different story. You will most likely be confined to a small seat for hours on end.

To avoid swelling in these circumstances, always seize the opportunity to travel up and down the aisle when it is permitted. You can also wear special flight socks, or a pair of compression stockings. Finally, try to stretch your legs whenever you get the chance, and performs small exercises to get the blood flowing while seated.

3.    Put Together a First Aid Kit for Your Feet

Even when you’re wearing the right shoes and doing your best to keep your feet healthy, small injuries may happen or blisters may form. Due to the fact that our feet come into contact with various dirt and bacteria on the ground, as well as sweat more profusely due to being cooped up for most of the day. This heightens the risk of infection in the area.

For this reason, it’s essential to bring a small and handy first aid kit for your feet. It should contain bandages, cotton pads, a disinfectant solution, and antibiotic cream. If you experience an accident, no matter how minor, it’s essential to take care of it on the spot instead of waiting to get back home.

Final Thoughts

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Although it is sometimes overlooked, proper foot care while on holiday is crucial for the quality of your experience. If you want to stay safe and comfortable, don’t forget to consider this small, yet indispensable body part. Choose the shoes you pack carefully, avoid swelling, and always have a first aid kit on hand to treat any potential injuries.

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