Miami is a beautiful city in the South eastern Florida. Miami is well known as a centre of arts, music, culture, media and international trade activities. Nature has blessed this mystical city with pure air, vast green spaces and clean drinking water. Along with the gifts of nature the city of Miami offers it’s visitors cultural enjoyments by its world famous Ocho Festival and Carnival Miami. Miami is a hub of a lot of entertainment ventures, performing arts centers, theaters, meusems. The city of Miami holds a mystical charm for art lovers. A huge number of singers, dancers, actors, artists make their way to this mesmerizing city. Music scene in Miami is rich blend of Cuban, Haitian, French, Brazilian, Coulambian and Carribean music. One cannot forget about the world famous Floribbean Cousine. A combination of Latin American, Carribean and American cousine makes the food In Miami an attraction for the tourists. Like other versatile genre of this mystical city, the local folks of Miami have a Spanish inspired English accent due to its unique and diverse cultural blend. American and European natives find the tropical weather as an attraction to enjoy outdoor sports such as boating, sailing and fishing.

Top Four Adventures in Miami

Jungle Island Miami

Jungle island is located in the heart of Miami, which is a major tourist attraction for the people all over the world. The fantastic Jungle Island as suggested by the name is a zoological park which is a home of some beautiful, rare and exotic animals. Tourists enjoy pure essence of nature on a trip to this mesmerizing nature paradise. Animal shows, informative exhibitions about the animals under the shades of lush green tropical trees and waterfalls create a real jungle life experience for the visitors.

Miami Beach

Miami is equally popular for its beach. South Beach is the most popular area of the Miami beaches. Each December the City of Miami hosts Arts Basel Miami Beach which includes international selection from the top galleries with a series of exhibitions, film and music festivals. A tropical rainy season season from May to September persists in Miami Beach. People can enjoy destinations like Art Deco District, Filmore Miami Beach, Versace Mansion, Holocaust memorial, Ocean drive, Miami Beach botanical garden.

The Miami Tower

The world famous Miami is one of the famous destinations of the tourists. Miami tower is often portrayed in video games and TV shows. The famous TV show Miami Vice which gave the tower an immense fame as Miami Vice tower. Miami Tower was also featured in world famous game; Grand Theft Auto. The tower is constructed in a special design so that it could display different colour schemes at special occasions.

Miami Night Life

Miami is quite popular for its energetic, vibrant, seductive and exotic night life. Miami has huge number of clubs and and night life places which offer memorable night moments. Exotic dance from the dance from the dancers, Miami’s special wine and delicious food, late night movies, live jazz performances, art walk at night can make your nights unforgettable.


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